Hello! My name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book. – The Book Of Mormon


Hello! My name is Cesar and I’m from Barcelona. I’m living in London since December 2013. I studied journalism and I came to this city to improve my English and have a wonderful experience, meet new people and enjoy all the musicals from West End. Here I have found really nice people, hard work and astonishing musicals.


Some of my friends recommended me to start a blog about my experience and musicals, but I wasn’t sure about it. A few weeks ago I thought: ‘Why not?’ I want to see if I’m able to post often and keep this page alive. This blog is an excuse for me to improve my English (as you may know, it’s not my mother tongue, but I write in it just to practice, so apologize if there’s any mistake). But writing a blog is good for me because I want to improve my journalist skills too.


The most important thing is to share with you my passion: musicals. I want to post a review of any show I’m watching in London. I’ve seen many yet, so soon I will write a post about them. But here I will talk about songs, scenes and lots of interesting facts about musical theatre.


Welcome to ‘Musicals Are Great’. You are free to leave any comment and please share this page with your friends and family. I hope you enjoy, thank you very much for your visit!




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