My feelings about the ‘Cats’ comeback

Cats is back


Cats’ is back in London. The show comes back to the city after 12 years since they finished their performances. The original production was presented in the New London Theatre in 11th May of 1981. This classical musical will be in the London Palladium from 6th December until 28th February of 2015. For sure, I won’t miss it.

The show is based in ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, a poem book written by T. S. Eliot. The music was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the most important musical composers in the UK and in the world. The story is about the Jellicle Cats. They meet once a year to discover which cat is about to die. The songs, the performances and the story makes you think about freedom, kindness, death and family.

I must recognize that ‘Cats’ it’s not my favourite musical at all. I like it, because the music is very moving and wonderful. The choreography is great as well; you have the feeling that you are watching cats performing in the stage. But my feelings about the show changed completely when I saw a documentary in a course about death (yes, sounds creepy, but it’s true, I wanted to learn about death non in a religious point of view).

I’ve been trying to find it since long time ago but I never have. The documentary was about a woman who suffered leukaemia and she was about to die. You can see her lasts days in life, preparing her own funeral. She wanted to recreate the song ‘Memory’ and Grizabella’s death. It was so touching, so dramatic that I couldn’t stop crying. I was shocked after watching it, because I never thought that musicals could inspire something like that. I realized that ‘Cats’ has more potential than I thought then, that is full of passion and love. It’s something so deep and wonderful that makes it a masterpiece.

For me, the best of the musicals is that you can have an experience with them. You can feel them as yours, as part of your story. And since that documentary, ‘Cats’ has something in me, so dramatic, so powerful that makes me feel so excited about this new production.

Yes, of course I’ll write about ‘Memory’ one day. But now, let’s be prepared for the ‘Cats’ comeback. Only for 12 weeks in the London Palladium. I’m ready to enjoy one of the most important Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals in his career.





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