I want to grow up with Matilda


And when I grow up I will be smart enough to answer all the questions that you need to know, the answers to before you’re grown up. – Matilda, the musical

Matilda’ was the first show I saw in London and it was absolutely amazing. I was completely shocked and surprised. I didn’t expect this at all. I didn’t know much about the show before watching it, so everything was new for me. I fell in love with the songs, with the kids, the story and the performances. Everything was great, one of the best musicals you can see now at the West End.

The musical was written by Dennis Kelly and the music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. It was presented in Stratford by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in 2011, but later opened in the Cambridge Theatre, after ‘Chicago’ sadly ended their performances. The show is based on the children’s book written by Roald Dahl. He wrote lots of popular books and novels, like ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, which is also running as a musical in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. But ‘Matilda’ is huge by far, won the Best Musical Category at the Olivier Award’s 2012. And since it started their performance, lots of awards have arrived. It’s, without doubt, a must see in London, extremely beautiful and full of passion.

Matilda StageI loved the show for many reasons. First of all, when you get into the theatre, you can see the stage. It’s beautiful, decorated with letters of the alphabet everywhere in different colours and lights. Most of the letters move from one place to another during the show. It reminds you the school and childhood.

The songs of the musical are great. I hadn’t heard any before the show (like I sometimes do), so it was the first time when I was there. I loved most of them; they are so beautiful, so touching that I can’t forget them. Is a perfect musical, good songs in the best moments, they make you understand the story and the feelings of the characters. They are simple, no need of huge effects to move you, like ‘Naughty’, ‘When I Grow Up’ or ‘Quiet’. The lyrics are full of poetry, they are really nice.

The production and the choreographies are awesome. I remember some songs like ‘School Song’, where the children learn the alphabet. The lyrics of the song are amazing, because the kids recite the alphabet while they sing about their suffering at school. So funny and extraordinary. In the stage, they build a wall with all the letters, it’s spectacular. Or ‘Revolting Children’, where the kids decide to fight against Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda’ is a musical full of children and kids. They are brilliant; they act, dance and sing amazingly. The main character of the show is great, you fall in love with Matilda, because she’s really good, she’s so nice. She is intelligent and full of love, what I like the most is that she loves reading. The show is about her stories and her books, so it’s full of literature as well.

The book is really good, because you support Matilda from the beginning. Their parents and Miss Trunchbull are really naughty, but you love them as well, because they are extremely funny. The show is really good because it combines sadness with happiness. I almost cried with ‘My House’ (it isn’t much, but it is enough for me), because you see the simple life of Miss Honey. You can feel her pain and love too, is really beautiful. But you laugh with Matilda singing ‘Naughty’ too. Everything is in the show, so when it finishes you have a lot of feelings and experiences, but you completely love it.

I must recognize that it was a little bit difficult for me to understand the full show. The lyrics are full of poetry, that now I understand because I’ve listened the soundtrack like a thousand times. I just arrived to the London, so everything was new for me, the language as well. The actress who played Matilda spoke really fast, and sometimes was difficult for me to get all the words. That’s why soon I’ll go back to see it, because I know I will love it, enjoy it again and understand some more.

Matilda’ is a great show, one of the best in London right now. I think most of musical lovers will enjoy it, because it’s perfect, it has everything, it’s full of passion and love. The production is amazing, the cast, the choreographies and the songs makes you get inside the story. I enjoyed the musical so much, can’t wait to see it again.




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