Musicals Are Poetry

Musicals are poetry. Yes, they are. They are wonderful lyrics created by great writers and beautiful music as well. What I love the most about musicals are the songs, because they are used to tell a story. But they also express a lot of feelings and ideas on their own. I’m always listening to musical soundtracks on my iPod because I loved them all. Sometimes I just enjoy the words and sometimes the orchestration. Or sometimes I just remember the scene, and make me enjoy more the musical.

I know that musicals are expensive. I’m not talking about how much does it cost to produce one, I’m talking about the tickets. You can’t go every day to the theatre (I would like to, but I would get bored as well). But you can listen the songs several times, read about them (the story, the creation, the actors…), find performances on YouTube, watch the movie (if there’s any) or talk about them. That’s what I enjoy the most about musicals. It’s more than a play; I fall in love with the stories, the songs and the lyrics.

I cannot say that I have a favourite song, it’s impossible, because there’s too much to choose that I can’t decide. It’s like a musical, there’s lot of amazing shows that I love, and I can’t choose just one.

So, welcome to Musicals Are Poetry. In this section, I will show you the songs that I love and that I’m usually listening to. I will explain you what I like the most of them and what make me feel. Have you got a favourite song? I would like to know too. Now I’m listening for the first time the soundtrack of ‘Aladdin’, the new production of Disney in Broadway. It sounds really good. Will any song be one of my favourites? Who knows? Keep reading my blog and you will discover it.





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