Happy Birthday ‘The Lion King’!

Happy birthday ‘The Lion King’!!! This Disney musical celebrates 15 years of success in the Lyceum Theatre. The show started the performances on the 19th October 1999 until now. We can say for sure that is the pride of London, one of the biggest musicals in the city.

The Lion King’ was presented in Broadway in 1997. It was directed by Julie Taymor, with music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice and book by Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi. In 1999 the show arrived to London, in the Lyceum Theatre, near Covent Garden, where is still running today. Many Disney movies have been adapted to theatre (‘The Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Tarzan’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Aladdin’…) but any has been as successful as ‘The Lion King’.

I haven’t seen the show yet, can’t wait for it. I saw the performance in West End Live and I was so excited. I’ve been many years listening to the Original Broadway Recording and I love the score. It’s one of my favourite movies since I was a child, Simba’s story (a Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ adaptation) is wonderful, and I’ve grown up with all the characters and songs. My favourite songs from the show are ‘Endless Night’, ‘Shadowland’ and ‘He Lives In You’.

To celebrate the anniversary, the nice people from the Lyceum Theatre gave for free 1.500 tickets on Monday for the special performance today. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one, I was so disappointed, even being there early in the morning, but 750 people were earlier than me. It was a horrible morning, windy and raining a lot, but everybody was so excited about ‘The Lion King’, which is amazing! You can see the picture of the queue I posted in my Twitter here (you can follow me too if you want, just saying…) I’m so sad I’m missing the performance today, but no worries at all, I will see the show someday; I know that, I’m not going to miss it.

Happy Birthday ‘The Lion King’, 15 successful years in London! Congratulations!!!





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