My emotions when I’m going to the theatre

Apollo Victoria Theatre

Going to the theatre changes my mood. I don’t know if you feel the same, but every time I go to see a musical or a play I have a wonderful feeling of joy. Is not just sitting and watching the performance, is much more. It’s my love, it’s my passion.

Theatre for me is like a temple, a beautiful space full of art, where amazing stories are explained in a stage. I’m so surprised of how beautiful theatres are here in London. I love most of them, because they are different. Some are huge (like the Prince Edward) some are, let’s say, medium size (like the Dominion Theatre) and others are small (like the Cambridge Theatre).

All of them are beautifully decorated. I specially remember Her Majesty’s Theatre. Is not just a place where ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ is performed, everything reminds you Paris in the XIX century. All theatres create a unique atmosphere that makes you feel more the story and the songs.

For me, getting a ticket is like a ritual, waiting for daily tickets, or maybe asking in the box office or in the TKTS store in Leicester Square… But once I have it, I feel so happy, in my mind I start to think of being sitting in the theatre, watching the performance, full of emotions. Maybe I’m weird, but this only happens to me when I’m going to the theatre.

Before the show starts, I feel really nervous and excited, and I’m not performing!!! I have the feeling that I’m going to watch something beautiful and amazing. Even if I’m not sure if I will like it, I’m really impressed of seeing actors performing and giving all their energy in front of me.

I love to see the stage, because sometimes is decorated and is not just a red curtain. In some theatres, is a different curtain, decorated with something related with the story and the show, like ‘Wicked’, ‘The Book of Mormon’ and ‘Miss Saigon’. I love the curtain of ‘Les Misérables’ in the Queen’s Theatre. Is blue, white and red (that reminds you the French flag) and then, suddenly, appears the picture of Cosette. It’s wonderful.

And what about being sit and listening to the musicians getting ready? I love that feeling, because you know that in any moment they will start with the opening song. Once the room starts to get darker, anything can happen there, and that’s what I love the most about theatre.

I love to be surprised, to enjoy something new. But I also love enjoy stories and songs that I already know one more time. I enjoy all the feelings that I have once I’m sitting in the theatre. All the stories have something good, something you can learn or feel about. The good mood can be with me for days after going to the theatre. Is like a therapy. How do you enjoy the theatre? Do you feel the same as me?




Un pensamiento en “My emotions when I’m going to the theatre

  1. Geni

    I complete agree with you. I love theatre. Every performance even of the same play is unique. It’s impossible to see the same you have seen again. The only pitty is that what you see at the stage only remains in your brain and in your eyes what makes that with the pass of time gets blur. But what really remains forever is what you feel while you are seeing the play or at the end of it.

    Me gusta



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