Spectacular dance in ‘Billy Elliot’

Billy ElliotI can’t really explain it, I haven’t got the words, It’s a feeling that you can’t control – Billy Elliot, the musical


Billy Elliot’ is one of the most important musicals in London. In the Victoria Palace Theatre, near the station of Victoria, Billy has been dancing ballet for almost 10 years. I wanted to discover why is so popular and I realized that is plenty of reasons that make this show a success. I saw the performance last Wednesday buying a day ticket for £20,70 and I absolutely loved it. Sometimes it was hard for me to understand, because of the strong British accent of many of the characters. But the story was really kind and it moved me. The kids were the best; they were charming and very talented. It’s not one of my favourite musicals, but I think that a show it works very well.

You can buy a day ticket too if you want. They are released every day from 10 o’clock in the morning. This tickets are in the front row and they cost £20,70 and £28,70 at the weekend. Is not a special offer, is just that it’s restricted view. You can’t see the feet of the actors and the back of the stage. But they perform all the time in the front of the stage, so is not a problem. I recommend this kind of tickets because they are cheap and you can enjoy the amazing show.

Billy Elliot’ is based in a British movie released in 2000. The movie is popular, with Jamie Bell playing the main role. The show opened in the West End in 2005. The story is about Billy, a young boy who wants to learn ballet. He is living in the North-East of England in 1984, when the miners are in strike.

The story of ‘Billy Elliot’ is wonderful. I saw the movie many years ago but I didn’t remember most of it until now. But I enjoyed that there’s more time to explain some information. You can see Billy getting ready for the audition for the Royal Ballet School, and also how is the audition going. Billy changes a lot during the show, he’s a young boy who is training boxing in the gym at the beginning, and at the end he is a great artist. And as him, his entire hometown changes too. But it’s true that the show is focused in the main character, so you don’t see the process of growing up of his father and brother. But is fine, it’s easy to understand.

Billy is a great character. Everybody would like to be like him for sure. He follows his dreams and fights against stereotypes. In the show, everybody learns about him, they learn to be tolerant and accept everybody as they are. That’s why the show is so moving. One of the best moments is his death mom’s letter, so touching, full of love. This musical is about a boy who discovers himself and decides to change his world because of that. He is living in a difficult town, with a strike and fights every day, but he decides to learn to dance ballet as a way to stifle the anger.

I think that ‘Billy Elliot’ is a successful musical because of the story. It’s cute, the characters are nice. It’s not surprising, all right, you can expect that a boy dancing ballet in a miner’s town is not easy, but it’s beautiful anyway. I think that the best is the way that the story is explained. Billy learns ballet while his entire town is fighting. I was amazed with ‘Solidarity’, because you see the children dancing and the people fighting against the police at the same time.

IMG-20141022-WA0013The songs are great, created by Elton John, they fit perfectly in the story and they make you feel all the emotions of the show. The melodies are catchy; all of them are good and I realized that I enjoyed absolutely every song of the musical. The performance was good as well, with great choreographies and an excellent sense of the scenes. The book and the lyrics were written by Lee Hall. Maybe ‘Billy Elliot’ is not an innovator musical, but it works perfectly, it has a good book and great songs.

But the best are the choreographies. Oh my God, how extremely talented are those kids! The actor who plays Billy is most of the time in the stage dancing and performing, he is great. And all the girls too, they are expressive, funny and cute. They dance so well that you forget about everything and just enjoy watching them dancing. I was really impressed about all the choreographies. I enjoyed so much watching Billy dancing full of anger against the police or full of passion in the audition singing ‘Electricity’. And of course I can’t forget about the Swan Lake scene, with the young and the adult Billy dancing together.

Billy Elliot’ is a must see in London. Soon its DVD is going to be released, to enjoy the musical at home at any time. But it’s much better to see it live, if possible. The story is beautiful, so touching, with all amazing songs. But the best of the show are the actors. You will enjoy watching all kids dancing and singing so well. Don’t miss ‘Billy Elliot’ in the Victoria Palace Theatre!




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