Everybody loves Dorothy!

Everybody loves Dorothy Gale. Sometimes is hard to define what I like the most about musicals. With ‘The Wizard of Oz’, what’s best? The story, the songs or Dorothy? It’s a cute musical, it’s a classic. In the movie we discover different charming characters, like Glinda, the Wizard or the Witch (that you love her in ‘Wicked’, of course). But Dorothy is great, she is a good person, she is a good role model for all kids in any generation.

Dorothy GaleThe musical is based in a children’s book written by L. Frank Baum. Dorothy lives in Kansas with her aunt Em, her uncle Henry and her dog, Toto. A strong tornado brings her to Oz. So she meets the Wizard trying to go back to her land. Meanwhile, she meets too the Scarecrow, the Coward Lion and the Tin Woodman. The movie adaptation was released in 1939, directed by Victor Flaming. Judy Garland was playing the main role, and her performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ has become one of the most iconic in musical movies.

All musical lovers know Dorothy, basically because ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most popular musicals in history. And ‘Wicked’ has become one of the most successful shows in Broadway and West End too. She is an icon; she has appeared in many films and adaptations about the original book. But she is good, she fights for what she believes, she doesn’t want to hurt anybody, just help the people that really need it.

You can always learn from Dorothy. Even when you feel blue or depressed, when you are lost and you feel you don’t have the control of the situation, just follow the yellow brick road. For sure you will arrive to your own Emerald City.





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