‘Sister Act, el musical’ took me to heaven


I went to Barcelona for a week. I had holidays at work so I decided to visit my family and friends. I had a really good time, as always, and I could enjoy two musicals: the Spanish production of ‘Sister Act, el musical’ and ‘Polònia, el musical’ (a catalan comedy). I enjoyed all of them, but the best is to share the experience with someone you love, so you can remember the show forever (the songs, the scenes, the cast, of course; but especially the day, the moment and the time we spend together).

Let’s focus on ‘Sister Act, el musical‘. I got tickets at half price (thank you Bway In Spain!!) enjoying the special offer ‘Escena 25’. The musical started the performances on the 17th October, but officially presented on the 23rd October, with Whoopi Goldberg, who visited Barcelona just to enjoy this production. The show was absolutely amazing, everything was great, and I was so surprised this was made in Spain.

The cast is great. The main character, Deloris van Cartier, is played by Mireia Mambo Bokele (who has been seen in London in ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’). Her voice is heartbreaking; I was open-mouthed all the time by her range. She is a good actress too, she is funny and cute. Then it’s Àngels Gonyalons as Mother Superior. She is a popular catalan actress, she has made lots of musicals in Catalonia. She is great, as always.

And Silvia Abril, a popular comedienne, is incredibly funny. I can’t forget Malia Conde too, who I saw in the Spanish production of ‘Les Misérables’, playing Madame Thenardier, whose voice is incredible. The rest of the cast is awesome as well, all the boys and the nuns… You made me have a great fun night.

CartelSAI must recognise that I didn’t know much about ‘Sister Act’. I saw the movie many years ago but I didn’t remember anything. So, for me, watching the show was like discovering Deloris van Cartier’s adventure for the first time. And sometimes it’s good to be surprised. The songs, created by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, were beautiful. I enjoyed all them, I can’t stop listening to the London Cast Recording since then (I hope they release a Spanish Album too).

I think that the audience from Barcelona must be really proud of this production of ‘Sister Act’, because it brings the best of Broadway and West End to the city. The choreographies, the costumes, how the stage was decorated… Everything in this production is high quality; it seems made in London or New York. I specially enjoyed the walls of the church and the lights, the stage was colourful.

This show it’s a massive experience. We left the theatre in a good mood, singing the songs and remembering some of the hilarious scenes. Thank you Daniel for joining me in my obsession for musicals in London, Barcelona or wherever. These girls just took us to heaven with their voices and choreographies.

Thank you Stage Entertainment and El Terrat for the Spanish production of ‘Sister Act’. I think that Stage Entertainment is leaving his comfort zone with this show in Spain. The movie is popular, but the musical adaptation is not. It’s true that they are not taking a lot of risk, because the show is a comedy for all the family, but it’s a huge effort. This company is celebrating 15 years of musicals in Spain now. I’m so happy because I’ve been able to enjoy lots of great productions in my country because of their job. And now that I see a lot of shows in London, I can compare and see that their work is as good as in West End. Congratulations ‘Sister Act’, el musical’ and happy birthday Stage Entertainment España.




Un pensamiento en “‘Sister Act, el musical’ took me to heaven

  1. Daniel

    What an amazing performance!!! I loved everything about the show, specially the stage and the female actresses!! Malia made me love her voice and her character, Silvia Abril made me laugh, and Mireia made me feel I was in heaven! I’m repeating the songs in my head even today!!! Es tu vooooooz!!!!! 😀

    Me gusta



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