‘Life Support’ from ‘Rent’

AIDSWill I lose my dignity? Will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow From this nightmare? – ‘Rent’

Today, 1st December it’s World AIDS Day. You can see people in the street wearing a red ribbon for solidarity, for all the people in the world who, unfortunately, have lost their fight against this illness. It’s a horrible pathology, sadly without cure yet, but the antiretroviral treatment can slow the course of the disease. It can be transmitted by sexual contact, contaminated blood transfusions or from mother to child during pregnancy. Many people are fighting against AIDS, so it’s important to remember them, and the best musical to do that is ‘Rent’.

Rent’ it’s a musical created by Jonathan Larson inspired on ‘La Bohème’ of Puccini. It was presented on Broadway in 1993 and since then, has become one of the most important shows in musical theatre. Winner of a Pulitzer and many Tony Awards, ‘Rent’ is a show about love, life and AIDS. Unfortunately, the creator of the show couldn’t see the success and popularity of his musical; he died before the previews started.

Every musical lover must know and love ‘Rent’, because it’s full of feelings. There’s passion, sadness, hope, love… Most of the characters have AIDS, they know they will die someday, and that’s sad and scary. There’s one song, ‘Life Support’, which express some of those feelings. Roger, Collins and Angel are going to a meeting with people with AIDS, so they can talk and express their fears.

There’s only us; There’s only this; Forget regret; Or life is yours to miss; No Other Road; No Other Way; No Day But Today. – ‘Rent’


Life Support’ is wonderful, is powerful. All those people are ill, they are scared of not knowing when are they going to die. But they are also scared of being rejected from people for having AIDS. It’s a fact that homosexual people are especially vulnerable with this illness. So the lyrics are dramatic, express the fear of loneliness, the scary feeling of being close to death.

This song moves me, makes me feel sad, proud, scared… I love ‘Rent’, it’s one of my favourite shows because gives me a lot of energy. All the songs make you feel different kind of things. That’s why ‘Life Support’ from ‘Rent’, for me, is poetry!




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