‘Urinetown, the musical’ is a different and fresh show in London


You know how hard it is to come back after holidays. I wish it’s always holidays, life would be easier. I’m joking; once I got back to work, I decided to give me a present so I could overcome my after-holidays depression: a musical! Yes, I went to see a show in London. I joined the special offer ‘West End Wednesday’, only available on November in TKTS store in Leicester Square. I bought a ticket for ‘Urinetown, the musical’. I didn’t know anything about it, but I absolutely enjoyed it.

Urinetown, the musical’ is written by Hollmann & Greg Kotis, and music by Mark Hollmann. It was presented in 2001 in Broadway; it won a Tony Award for the best musical in 2002 and now it’s in the West End for the first time. You can see it in the Apollo Theatre with most of the original cast who played the show in New York. That’s something exceptional, so you shouldn’t miss it. The next play to be performed in the Apollo Theatre is ‘The Audience’; it will start on April 2015. Who knows what’s going to happen with ‘Urinetown, the musical’, you better get your tickets as soon as possible.

I must recognise that the musical it’s kind of weird, but it’s something completely different, fresh and new. That’s what makes it special. The story is about a country where people need to pay to go to the toilet. Anyone who doesn’t obey that law, will be caught and send to Urinetown (for sure, you can imagine it’s not a beautiful place at all).

It’s a comedy, because they are making jokes all the time about musical theatre and how to produce shows. But is also a satire about capitalism, populism, revolution, lack of natural resources… In reality, the story and what the characters explain is not that far from our days. If you think about the political content of ‘Urinetown, the musical’, you will realise that it is such an exaggerated story, but it also resembles our reality. But is a comedy about musical theatre too. They make jokes about musicals (always happy endings, a passionate love story…).

I was truly impressed by the songs of the show. I don’t know which one is best, because all of them are great. All the cast sings amazingly well, the songs are performed with passion, and the chorus sound spectacular. The songs are the best of the show by far. But I enjoyed as well all the production (I’ve never seen anything as gore as ‘Urinetown, the musical’), because the costumes are great, all those guys look dirty, you have the feeling that you are in a disgusting and smelly public toilet.

Urinetown, the musical’ is a must see in London. If you like musicals, you must discover this one. I’m sure you will have the same feeling as I had. I left the theatre thinking that I had seen something completely different as I’m used to. This show is original; it has something that makes it memorable. It’s funny, the songs are catchy, the actors and actresses are great and the characters they play are lovely.





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