Everybody loves Fanny Brice

Fanny Brice

Everybody loves Fanny Brice. A few weeks ago I finally saw ‘Funny Girl’. I’ve been looking for this movie many years, and finally I found a DVD pack with ‘Funny Girl’ and ‘Funny Lady’, both with Barbra Streisand playing the main role. This movie is based in a Broadway show, which story is also inspired in a real character, Fanny Brice.

I loved Barbra’s performance, she is a Goddess, she is an absolutely diva. But I enjoyed Fanny Brice as well. I didn’t know much about her, I had no idea about the story of ‘Funny Girl’, and I’ve just heard some songs before in some ‘Glee’ episodes. And I realized that Rachel Berry (‘Glee’s main character, played by Lea Michele; I’m sure you know her, musical lovers) has a lot of Fanny.

The Fanny Brice that you discover in the movie is fully talented, extremely funny, nice, cute, lovely and brave. She fights for her dreams and for the people she loves. Maybe she is facing troubles all the time, but she is brave anyway. She is an inspiration for everybody.

The real Fanny, called Fania Borach, was an actress, singer, comedian and model of New York. She used to play in some of ‘Ziegfeld Follies’, a theatrical show inspired in the Folies Bergères of Paris. She is famous for her career as an actress and singer, but also for her marriages. She got married three times and all those relationship failed. She died in 1951, but her movies and songs still alive. And it’s amazing to remind her and her legacy forever with ‘Funny Girl’ and Barbra Streisand.




2 pensamientos en “Everybody loves Fanny Brice

  1. Geni

    I’m a huge fan of Barbara Streisand, I think since ever. She’s amazing in this film (her firts one and she got an Oscar) and when she sings you’re transported in another dimension. “People” has become an icon.

    For my age I saw the film when it was released. I think It was my firts meeting with Barbra. I bought the LP as soon I can and I listened it all the time. I remember that the Music Director made a comment about Barbra and the song “People” in the cover. He said that the first recording of this song for him was perfect but not for her. And she insisted in recording one and one more time until she thought that then it was actually perfect. The Music Director made the comparison between the first one and the last and he cried.

    It’s a pitty but Fanny Lady, it’s very far of beeing such a good film.

    However, I hardly recommend you, if you haven’t seeing it yet: Hello Dolly! I think that’s it’s a pity but it’s a musical missvalued. I love him. Barbra, of course, Walter Mathau, the songs, the dances, the characters, the dialogues, etc. etc.

    Sorry I think I’ve written too much, but Barbra is Barbra and I can’t stop talking about how much I love her.

    Me gusta



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