‘Cats’ will be in my memory forever

CatsMusicalLogoI remember a time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again – Cats, the musical


Cats’ is back in the London Palladium for a few months. I was so excited to finally see this classic musical. Is one of the most important pieces of Andrew Lloyd Webber, so it’s a must see if you are in London those days. It’s a masterpiece; it’s a different show, full of art, love and passion. I’ve already seen the show because I have the DVD, but watching it live it’s a completely different experience. This revival has an amazing cast, with amazing voices and impeccable choreographies.

My boyfriend and I went early in the morning to the theatre to get day seats. It’s a good price, £25, but we were really disappointed. I recommend to my readers to be careful if they want to get day seats. DON’T GET ROW F as I did. What’s wrong in this theatre? This row is just next to a step and is longer than the rest. Day seats are in the sides of the first rows. They are cheaper, of course, because they are restricted view. Nothing serious, you can see the show without many problems. But row F is too long and the stage is fully decorated, so we could see half of the stage. Thanks God that the cats perform in the middle and in the front of the stage. We “just” missed the raise of Grizabella. I think that the staff should warn about this situation. Although I thought that this situation would tease my day, it didn’t, the performance was so extraordinary that I forgot about the seat for a while.

Cats’ is a musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T. S. Eliot. In the show, the Jellicle Cats meet once a year to decide which cat will be send to a new life. So, in the musical you discover different cats and characters like Macavity, Rum Tum Tugger, Mr. Mistoffelees

cats nicole scherzinger grizabella london palladium

Nicole Scherzinger is the star of the show. She is playing Grizabella and she appears in all the posters and advertisements in London. She is an American singer, popular for being part of the pop group ‘The Pussycat Dolls’. She will be performing until 9th February. Then the West End singer Kerry Ellis will be Grizabella until 13th March, when sadly ‘Cats’ will be finishing their performances in the Palladium. I was extremely surprised about Nicole, I didn’t expect her performance. She is spectacular in the show. To be honest, she is not the best actress in the show. I was looking all the cast and I had the feeling that I was watching cats performing on the stage. With Nicole I can’t tell the same. You know that she is performing, that she is doing an effort to look like an old lady cat, but she is not.

Grizabella is the glamour cat. She remembers her youth, when she could dance, she was so glamorous and artistic, but years have gone by. She is rejected from the Jellicle Cats, she looks quite repulsive and bleak. Nicole Scherzinger’s performance is not the greatest, but her voice is spectacular. She sings probably the most famous song in the show, ‘Memory’. She made us cry, she sings amazingly well. Watching the performance live is an experience that I won’t forget.

Rum Tum TuggerI loved ‘Cats’ so much because I had the feeling that I was watching real cats dancing and performing in the stage. I didn’t need to think that they were actors. But there’s one character that has changed from the original version, and I can’t say it’s a good change. I’m talking about Rum Tum Tugger, the curious cat. Seriously, who on Earth decided that? Who thought that would be a great idea that this cat was a hip hop singer? Why does he need to wear a cap? It’s atrocious! This cat has been completely transformed for this production and I don’t see the point at all. The costume, his personality and the style of the song are horrible. That’s a truly mistake for this revival.

I found ‘Cats’ a completely different show from other musicals. It’s an artistic piece, where dance and aesthetics are very important. It means a lot of requirement for all actors, who must play as they were really cats. All the characters are treated with a lot of sensibility, the scenes are constructed beautifully, and everything is so dynamic and powerful that you are staring at the stage like a child.

This musical is full of poetry and love. Grizabella is the most popular character in the show, she is an example of respect for difference (so important nowadays). But all the characters have something we can learn. Every story is unique and beautiful. This show is, in reality, very dramatic and we can learn a lot of it. Of course I love the songs, probably one of the best soundtracks ever created by Andrew Lloyd Webber because it combines different styles in one show. The songs and the great choreographies make this show so wonderful and beloved for everybody. Sadly ‘Cats’ won’t be much longer in the London Palladium, but I won’t forget what I saw and what I felt there. It will be in my memory forever.




2 pensamientos en “‘Cats’ will be in my memory forever

  1. Geni

    I always have loved to see this musical. As well as The phantom and the Mis. Unluckly “Cats” wasn’t possible. And bad luck neither this time. I will have to get along with the DVD made specially with the best actors that long the years have plaid the different characters of the musical.

    Me gusta

  2. M. del Mar

    Noooooo, Cèsar!! Why Rum Tum Tugger? Why??!! He’s one of my favourites and I cannot begin to imagine him as you describe him! Not fair! This being said, lovely text! I was soooo looking forward to see it, but… sadly, there’s not going to be any shows when I come next March.

    Me gusta



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