I enjoyed ‘Into The Woods’ like a child

Into The WoodsYou’ve changed. You’re daring. You’re different in the woods. – Into The Woods

Into The Woods’ is charming, is cute. I enjoyed it a lot, I sit in the cinema and I backed up my childhood. I just focused on the stories and fairytales that I enjoyed a lot when I was a kid. I’ve always loved stories and books, and getting all those characters from Brothers Grimm books and produce a musical it’s just a great idea. The best of the film, of course, is the score. The songs by Stephen Sondheim are amazing. All the songs are beautiful and express a lot of feelings.

All the characters of the musical are unhappy with something in their lives. They want to change it, so they begin a journey into the woods that will change everything. The first part of the movie (the first act of the play) is more joyful and cheerful. The different characters must reach their targets. But the second part is deeper, is more philosophic. All the reflections about love and life are really powerful. This musical makes you feel and think a lot of things.

All the actors and actresses are good in this adaptation. I enjoyed all of them, their voices are good but I was a bit disappointed. I expected that, after ‘Les Misérables’ movie, most of the musical movies would change. One of the best things about ‘Les Misérables’ film is that the actors sing live. In ‘Into The Woods’ the songs are already recorded so the actors sing in playback. Of course sounds good as well, but I prefer to hear them sing while they are performing, like in a stage.

But still, most of the songs are memorable. I was so impressed about the way they are performed like ‘On The Steps Of The Palace’, ‘Stay With Me’, ‘No One Is Alone’, ‘Last Midnight’… I think that it’s a great idea to put the instrumental version of the songs that are not sung. And watching them performed on the screen, with the special effects, made me goosebumps.

I don’t think that ‘Into The Woods’ film is something innovative in musical cinema. Also, I don’t think that is a deep story that makes it different from other movies. It’s original and cute, that’s true. It’s a film that sure most of the people will enjoy, with great songs, because it reminds your childhood and the inevitable fact of growing up.

Into The Woods’ has something special. I think that was a good idea for Disney to produce this adaptation, this musical could only be produced by them, with a long tradition in fairy tales. Apparently, it looks like musicals movies are back, so hopefully we will see more stage classics in the cinema. But what would be better is that they become popular so new revivals are made in Broadway and London.



2 pensamientos en “I enjoyed ‘Into The Woods’ like a child

  1. Geni

    I hope to see it this weekend that it’s the opening here in Barcelona.

    It’s not the first time I saw this musical. Some years ago, Dagoll Dagom a very important theatre company and great specialist in musicals mostly originals made here in Barcelona and always with a very big success, have made an adaptation of this musical that my daugther and I we enjoyed a lot. The thing is that I almost can’t remember what is about. Well may be better I will enjoy it again as the first time. Dagoll Dagom have also made adaptations from outside musicals as Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance and others, always very successful.

    Me gusta

    1. cesarmp90 Autor de la entrada

      I missed ‘Boscos Endins’ and I felt really bad. But I’ve got the CD with the catalan cast and I’ve heard it many many times. I’m sure you will enjoy the film like the play!

      Me gusta



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