‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is here, inside my mind


The Phantom of the Opera’ is one of the most important musicals in history. It’s the longest running show in Broadway and the second one in London, after ‘Les Misérables’ (third in West End shows if we also include ‘The Mousetrap’).

This musical is inspired in the book ‘Le Fantôme de l’Opéra’ by Gaston Leroux published in 1909. But the musical adaptation was created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the most important composers in United Kingdom and the world. It’s considered a classic and the story has something so strong and powerful that is the key of success.

PhantomThe show started their performances in Her Majesty’s Theatre, in London, in 1986. It opened in Broadway only two years later. There is a movie adaptation with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. In 2011 they celebrated the 25th anniversary with a special concert at The Royal Albert Hall. In all those years, there have been lots of productions and tours in all over the world, including Spain, Japan, Mexico, Austria… It won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical in 1986 and the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1988.

It’s been a lot of years performing every day, with the amazing songs and wonderful story. The story of Christine and the Phantom is always full of passion and stronger every day. All the people who love musicals love ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, of course. This show will be the ‘Musical Of The Month’ in the blog, because it’s great, it’s amazing. Let’s forget about ‘Love Never Dies’ for a while and focus on this masterpiece. During March I will remember songs, actors and actresses related to the show and curiosities about it. I hope you enjoy, my angels of music!




2 pensamientos en “‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is here, inside my mind

  1. chowkimwan


    I’m so glad you’re dedicating this WHOLE month to one of my favorite musicals of all-time. I look forward to your posts on Phantom! I’ll regularly write about the show as well.

    Me gusta



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