The plot of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

The Phantom of the Opera’ is inspired in a French book. The original title would be ‘Le Fantôme de l’Opéra’, written by Gaston Leroux and published in French in 1909. The musical adaptation, as you may know, was produced in 1986, with music created by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The story is inspired in some truly events that happened in the Paris Opera during the nineteenth century and also in ‘Trilby’ a book written by George du Maurier. Some of the characters were inspired in real people, and some of the events too, like the fall of the chandelier during the opera. But the book, and also the musical adaptation, it’s a thriller, full of mystery and terror. And love, of course.

The show starts with the auction in the Paris Opera. The Vicomte de Chagny buys a music box with a monkey. Then the lot 666 is presented, a massive chandelier. Once is uncovered, the story of the Phantom of the Opera comes to life again.

In the theatre, there is a rehearsal of the opera ‘Hannibal’. The new owners of the theatre, Firmin and André are presented to all the cast. One of the safety curtains falls unexpectedly. Everybody is afraid that it’s the Phantom, so Carlotta, the prima donna soprano refuses to sing. Christine Daaé replaces her and she does an amazing performance.

Christine has been doing some vocal classes with the Phantom for a while, that’s why she is so good. They have never met each other; she thinks that he is an angel of music that his fathers send her once he died to protect her. Because of her success, the Phantom decides to show himself and finally meets Christine.

Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny, has come to see the performance and he realises that he knows Christine. They were very good friends during their childhood, so he wants to meet her once the performance is over, but he can’t because she is with the Phantom.

The Phantom is in love with Christine. He kidnaps her so he can show his love for her. But she only tries to discover who is the man who hides behind the mask. Finally she is released. The Phantom sends a letter to the new owners of the theatre. He says that Christine must replace Carlotta in the new opera ‘Il Muto’. They decide not to follow his orders, so the Phantom turns his anger against them.

During the performance, Carlotta is not able to sing (obviously the Phantom has prepared something). Firmin and André decide to start with the ballet scene while they take care of Carlotta. But then, the corpse of one of the workers of the theatre drops from the rafters in the middle of the stage. Christine runs with Raoul, scared and afraid that she will be the next victim of the Phantom. Raoul ask Christine to marry him and go back to the theatre.

A few months later, while they are celebrating the Carnival, the Phantom announces that he has written a new opera, ‘Don Juan Triumphant’ and asks to be produced immediately, with Christine playing the main role. Raoul is taking care of his fiancée because he knows that the Phantom will try to meet her as soon as possible. While she is visiting her father’s grave, the Phantom comes to visit her, but Raoul is there to fight and rescue her.

In the ‘Don Juan Triumphant’ première, while Christine is singing, she realises that the main tenor has been changed. Is, indeed, the Phantom. She removes his mask so everybody can see his deformed face. He decides to kidnap Christine again and burn the theatre. The massive chandelier falls from the roof so all the audience panic.

Christine is forced to wear a wedding dress in the secret room of the Phantom, but Raoul arrives to rescue her again. Unfortunately, the Phantom captures him as well. So Christine must decide: stay with him forever or Raoul will die. She kisses the Phantom, so Raoul will be set free. The Phantom, feeling kindness and love for the first time, decides to release them both. Once the couple run away, the guard arrive at the secret room, but they only find the mask.





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