The Poster of the Opera

The posters are very important in musicals. They usually become iconic, they are a way to be recognisable. I personally enjoy going on the tube and watch all the adverts in the stairs.

They usually have a symbol or an image that makes you identify the story or the characters of the musical. In the case of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, in the posters you can see the mask of the Phantom. It’s curious, and I would like to know the reason, there is the full mask. But in the play, the actor just wears a mask that covers half of his face.

Her Majesty’s Theatre has been releasing posters during all those years. Most of them include the mask of the Phantom and sometimes a red rose. The typography is also very important. In the posters you can see they look like a broken glass. That makes it recognisable too. I particularly like the 25th anniversary poster. The background is clearer, blue and white. And also the mask is bigger than it used to be. It looks more realistic, in a different perspective.

Which one is your favourite?








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