Sarah Brightman, the first Christine Daaé

The Phantom of the Opera’ has been on stage since 1986. This means a lot of years and a lot of actors and actresses have been playing the roles of Erik, Christine or Raoul. But, for some reason, there are some actors and actresses that are famous for being part of the musical. One of them is Sarah Brightman. She is related to the show because she originated the role of Christine Daaé in London and Broadway.

She has been an artist all her life. She started acting, singing and dancing at the age of 3. When she was only 13 years old, she was already participating in ‘I and Albert’, a musical in the Piccadilly Theatre. But her career started to develop once in her twenties. She played Jemima in the musical ‘Cats’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber. They got married later, so she started to appear in some of his shows, including, of course, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

She will be always remembered for many things, but specially for playing Christine Daaé. The role was written specially for her. She played it in London and also on Broadway. It wasn’t easy because the Actor’s Equity Association made it difficult. They wanted an American artist to play the role, but Brightman finally did.

The Original London Cast recording was a big success. It was sold all around the world. Although her popularity, she received bad reviews and she wasn’t nominated for the Tony Awards. That edition, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ won 7 awards, including Best Musical and Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. Even so, her career has been very successful and there is any doubt about her extremely talent.

She has recorded several solo albums, realised many world tours and received many awards. She is the first artist who has participated in two Olympic Games (Barcelona 1992 and Beijing 2008). So she is a very important artist that started playing musicals. Without doubt, the role of Christine Daaé must be very important for her and her career.

In this blog we love her because she is a musical diva. We specially  her performance in the 25th anniversary concert. She sang with 5 Phantoms: Colm Wilkinson, Anthony Warlow, Peter Jöback, John Owen Jones and Ramin Karimloo.




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