The Entr’acte

I have a secret I need to share with you. I’ve been keeping the secret for too long, but now it’s time to let you know. I’m a fan of Entr’acte songs. I know, it’s weird, but I love them, what can I do?

The Entr’acte is the song between the two acts. It usually starts after the intermission and continues with the first song from the second act. Once you are in the theatre, it usually begins once most of the people are already on their sits. It’s usually only instrumental and it’s like a medley of the most important melodies and songs from the show.

The Entr’acte from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is, probably, my favourite one, composed by sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, of course. It has been my ringtone in my phone since I discovered the song many years ago, I can’t remember exactly when. It’s true that I’ve changed it from time to time because I don’t want to get bored of it. But now, if you call me, the song that will be played it’s the Entr’acte from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

I love it because it’s so powerful. The beginning it’s the best, it’s just astonishing. The bang of the cymbal gets your attention. The orchestra sounds beautiful playing a medley of the best songs from the show. You can hear some musical notes from ‘Angel of Music’, ‘The Music of the Night’, ‘All I Ask Of You’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

Do you like the Entr’acte of the show as I do? I must recognise something else. But, come on, it’s a confession post. I also love very much the Entr’acte of ‘Love Never Dies’. But please, keep the secret.



4 pensamientos en “The Entr’acte

  1. Geni

    It’s like the Entr’acte of the Operas. Some times ther’are the most known of the play.

    I think that we shoudn’t forget that may be the musicals are now the present Operas.

    Me gusta

    1. cesarmp90 Autor de la entrada

      You are absolutely right, musicals nowadays are the new Operas. Of course there still producing Operas, but I think that musicals is a massive industry, with some elements inspired by classic shows.

      Me gusta



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