‘The Phantom of the Opera’ 25th anniversary

The Phantom of the Opera’, like ‘Les Misérables’ is one of the longest running musical of all times. This year, ‘Les Mis’ is celebrating 30 years in stage (I like the new posters but I love too much the picture of Fantine that has always been on the posters). That’s a lot of years for a musical play. And ‘The Phantom’ started performing one year after.

In 2011 it was the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the London production. They decided to celebrate it in the Royal Albert Hall, performing an unforgettable show for all the lovers of the show. The show was filmed and edited on DVD, released all around the world. So most of the people can discover it and enjoy this amazing performance.

A year before, ‘Les Misérables’ had done more or less the same. They made a concert at the O2 Arena. But, for ‘The Phantom’ the event was a bit different. It wasn’t a concert adaptation, it was the stage production live in another theatre, with lots of new effects and filmed to be showed in screens and released in DVD.

The anniversary was a huge celebration of one of the most important musicals in London and in history. The Phantom was played by Ramin Karimloo. He is a Canadian actor who plays musicals. He played the Phantom again in ‘Love Never Dies’. Now he is in Broadway performing in ‘Les Misérables’.

Also the super talented Sierra Bogges was playing Christine Daaé in the Royal Albert Hall. She has also being playing a lot of musicals in Broadway, like ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Love Never Dies’, ‘Les Misérables’… She is, as Sarah Brightman, unforgettable as Christine. I love both of them. I think that Sierra & Ramin are one of the best Christine & Erik that have ever been.

The musical in the Royal Albert Hall is spectacular. You can’t miss it if you like ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. The ending was beautiful, with Sarah Brightman singing with 5 actors who performed the Phantom many years ago (Colm Wilkinson, Anthony Warlow, Peter Jöback, John Owen Jones and Ramin Karimloo) If you haven’t seen it yet (I’m sure you have) go and buy it now!



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