The Phantom of the Opera’ is a love story. All the show is about the love triangle between Erik, Christine and Raoul. Most of the songs, as you may know, are duets or solos. But, for me, one of the most powerful scenes on the entire show is ‘Masquerade’. The song is performed in chorus by all the entire cast.

All the people from the theatre are celebrating the Carnival, wearing extravagant costumes, dancing and having fun. The owners of the Theatre and Madame Giry are celebrating the fact that things are going better since they have a new chandelier and the Phantom hasn’t appeared again. Also, Raoul asks Christine why is she hiding that they are engaged. She is scared of the Phantom reaction. He appears in the climax of the celebration to announce that he has written an Opera that must be produced immediately.

It’s a very beautiful scene to see live. All the actors dancing at the same time in the stairs is great. I’m sure that most of the audience remember this scene once the show is finished. In the movie adaptation, the scene is also beautiful, because the actors and actresses are wearing masks in black and white or gold. In the show everything is more colourful. In both cases is nice and spectacular.

I specially enjoy the version of ‘Masquerade’ for the 25th anniversary performance. In this case, there are a lot of performers and no need of mannequins like the show in Her Majesty’s. So the scene is beautiful, colourful, with the Phantom appearing in a massive screen.

Masquerade’ is an amazing song. The orchestra sounds fantastic, composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, of course. It’s one of the climaxes of the story. Everything is about to change after it and the end is coming soon. It’s a great start of Act Two.

Do you also like ‘Masquerade’?



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