‘All I Ask Of You’

All I Ask Of You’ is one of my favourite songs from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Sometimes you listen a song that is not important to you, but for some reason, you feel it more properly to your life and you love it. That’s what happened to me with ‘All I Ask Of You’. I liked it, because I enjoy the entire soundtrack from the show, but it was just one more song until I saw the show live.

‘Say you’ll love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summer time
Say you need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That’s all I ask of you’

It’s a love song and obviously reminds me Daniel and how I miss him, knowing that he was dying to see the show with me too. Christine and Raoul are running from the Opera, she is scared of the Phantom. He just killed a worker from the theatre, so she thinks that she can be the next victim. Raoul is trying to protect her and ask her to marry him.

‘Then say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here, beside you
Anywhere you go let, me go too
Christine, that’s all I ask of you’

The song is wonderful; Christine and Raoul express their love for each other. I think that ‘All I Ask Of You’ is a perfect love song. The characters express perfectly all the feelings when you are in love with someone. This song is for you, Daniel, I love you and I miss you. I can’t wait to share more emotions and moments with you. I’m glad to know that this will be very soon.

‘Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Say the word and I will follow you
Share each day with me, each night, each morning…’

What do you feel about ‘All I Ask Of You’? It’s a song full of love and passion, the scene in stage is beautiful, with Christine and Raoul singing, and the Phantom in the balcony checking all the scene, dying of jalousie. I’m not sure I like Raoul that much as a character, I think I prefer Erik than him, but this song is just perfect to me.



Un pensamiento en “‘All I Ask Of You’

  1. Geni

    All I ask of you it’s really a very beautiful song, but my prefer of the Phantom it’s The music of the night. It was a love of first side. I descovered it when I even didn’t know none of the Phantom. And I went in a concert at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, about songs of musicals. There were two of the most famous musical singers at the moment in Broadway. Of course they sang a lot of songs I already knew them, but not this one and since there it became one of my favourites. Until I saw the film I even didn’t know the context when the song was sung. And at the end I had my dream came through when I visit New York and I could see the Phantom in live <:

    Me gusta



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