Very disappointed with ‘Jersey Boys’

Jersey Boys

I need to tell you something: I didn’t like ‘Jersey Boys’. I know, it’s wrong, I feel very bad about it, but I didn’t enjoy the show. I was very excited about it, because the performance of the boys in the last West End Live was still in my mind. I loved it so much, I had so much fun that I was looking forward to come and see them on the theatre. But I’m very disappointed, I’m very sad. I didn’t feel any connection with the story and the songs; the show was boring to me. I’m not glad to say that, because I paid £25 for my ticket (in the third row I saw everything perfectly). I bought a Day Seat, it could be more expensive, of course, but still it’s money that I try to spend properly. Please, don’t misunderstand me for that, it’s just that I wanted to have so much fun, dance and love the songs.

Jersey Boys’ is the story of the Four Seasons, an American rock band who became popular in the sixties. The story has a lot of drama, difficulties to find the properly team, economic problems, personal and artistic disagreements, a daughter’s death, the tireless search of a hit… But I didn’t have any connection with the story. I guess it’s because of the way is explained, I don’t know. I didn’t feel sad with the daughter’s death. I saw a woman in front of me crying a river and I was thinking: ‘oh, shit, I should be feeling sad too’.

Is it fault of the actors? I don’t think so. They are very talented, they have beautiful voices. I specially enjoyed Michael Watson’s job, playing Frankie Valli. He is a young guy, with a great voice, learning from his mistakes and changing a lot during the show. He also looks weird (I’m sorry, I don’t find any other word to describe him), he has something very interesting you want to discover. All the boys were amazing. You don’t know if you should like or not Jon Boydon (as Tommy De Vito), I loved Edd Post playing Bob Gaudio and Gary Watson playing Nick Massi.

I think that I would like to see the songs integrated in the story. They played the songs as a performance, as a concert, they weren’t part of the story. They didn’t sing it because they were feeling the lyrics like you expect in a musical. So, I think that ‘Jersey Boys’ is like a theatre play, where you discover the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and you see them performing live. Which can be interesting and entertaining for many people, but I was looking for a completely musical.

Four Seasons

The songs sure have their audience, but it’s not me. Is not the kind of music that I usually listen or I have listened when I was a kid at home. I didn’t now anything about the Four Seasons until now. Of course some songs were familiar to me, but most of them were new… and I didn’t like them, sorry!! But I have some favourite songs, like ‘Oh What A Night’ (I think is one of the bests, it keeps repeating in most of the show), ‘Walk Like A Man’, ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ (amazing performance with the trumpets and woodwinds) or ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’.

The way the stage was created was good, functional. The best thing, were the comic illustrations. It remind you the sixties, they were great. I also loved the style of the guys wearing a suit. All the furniture moving from one part to the stage to another looks so great, so modern and simple.

I feel a bit disappointed. I know that is not a problem of the show, it’s me, that I was expecting something different and I also didn’t like this kind of music. But of course I saw everybody standing, dancing and having fun at the end. This means that ‘Jersey Boys’ has something special, something different to be a success, but I can’t see it. It has been running in the West End for many years, is not a flop at all. It’s just that is not a kind of musical that I like and I had too many expectations on it. So now, I’m not sure I will waste my time watching the movie adaptation by Clint Eastwood. But of course, I will always remember the energy and the good vibes of ‘Oh What A Night’.



3 pensamientos en “Very disappointed with ‘Jersey Boys’

  1. Emily

    When I saw Jersey Boys on tour in Hartford, Connecticut, a few years ago, I thought the same things!! I liked the songs you listed above, but that was it. I didn’t feel any connection to the story and nothing about the show moved me. I didn’t like it at all. My dad, who grew up with the Four Seasons, liked it a lot, though. I felt like the show was lacking a storytelling element (something that other jukebox musicals are much better at accomplishing). Anyhow, great post! I think you might like some of my writing, too. It would be great if you could check it out!

    Me gusta



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