‘Overture’: from an album to the stage

Jesus Christ Superstar’ is a musical show created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It was created in 1970 and the idea was to explore the story of Jesus Christ in a musical way and from the point of view of Judas Iscariot. The musical was first created as an album, basically because Webber and Rice couldn’t find anybody who wanted to produce a stage adaptation.

The advantage of creating an album instead of a show was that the creators could work properly on it. They decided to create great rock songs, full of energy. It’s a soundtrack that even today you can listen and sounds good, sounds amazing. So then, in the stage they just needed to add the words. The most important part was done. The CD was, unexpectedly, a success.

Most of the people who were going to the theatre for the first time to see ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ they already knew the songs. What was expected to be a flop became one of the most important musicals in history. But of course with some drama, especially from extreme religious groups making strikes and attacks against the show.

But let’s start from the beginning; do you know the ‘Overture’ of the show? I like it very much because it’s a kind of medley of most of the greatest themes of the musical. In the film adaptation I think they did a great job, because you can see lots of young people meeting and getting ready to prepare the adaptation of the story of Jesus, like a play. And then, the story focus on Judas.

Do you like the beginning of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’?



2 pensamientos en “‘Overture’: from an album to the stage

  1. Geni

    Actually, it seems that you’re gonna a see a theatre representation of Christ Passion performed by a group of young actors and suddenly… the real story begins.

    Me gusta

  2. Chow Kim Wan

    Ok it is a long time since I caught up with your blog, especially since I am running a couple of jobs at once now: teacher, math student, admin worker, singing trainee and blogger. I was never a big fan of the JCS overture, sadly. I like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music in general, but this one was overly rock for my liking. Yes, it is meant to be rock I know. It just doesn’t suit me as much. In fact, the whole album was too rock and roll I felt. ALW said in the 2012 Arena Tour (the one with Tim Minchin) that this musical actually belongs to a rock and roll concert hall, so yeah.

    Me gusta



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