What are we celebrating this week?

‘Jesus Christ Superstar, Do you think you’re what they say you are?’

Easter is here once again. Why are we having some holidays? I honestly don’t celebrate anything because I’m not a religious person; I’m only working and spending some time off resting. I’m not going to see any musical this week because I imagine it will be very busy with tourists and lots of people on holidays. So I prefer to go any other week.

But let’s focus. Easter is a religious celebration. I don’t know much about religions, but my community is mostly Christian. During this week, Christians recall the passion, death and the subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then there are also Easter eggs, which are a metaphor of fertility and rebirth.

In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ you can see most of the most important scenes of the passion of Christ (in a musical and different way as it’s used to be). That’s why it caused much controversy and criticism by lots of religious communities when it was released.

I think they were absolutely wrong because the show is very gentle with the story of Jesus Christ. Not many things are questioned it’s just a merely reproduction of the episodes of the Passion with some songs and choreographies. Also makes you learn and know more about the story of Jesus Christ, which is good for these communities.

Do you celebrate Easter in a religious way, do you see ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ to remind the story of Jesus?



Un pensamiento en “What are we celebrating this week?

  1. Geni

    I’m not a religious person. I more could say that I’m agnostic going to atheism.

    I thinh the contreversies it generates it’s not for being a musical but because it was one of the firts times that Mary Magdalene was showed as she’s in love with Jesus and after the character of Judas that it’s presented very different as we had read.

    Me gusta



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