‘Do you think you’re what they say you are?’

Who is the main character in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’? I don’t think it’s Jesus, definitely it’s Judas Iscariot. But Jesus is the most important character in the musical, is his story. But, who is Jesus Christ?

I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God in Christianity. According to the Bible, he died crucified for all the sins of human being. What I enjoy the most of the musical, and I think it’s the main reason why the show was so controversial, was the fact that you can see Jesus as a human more than a divinity.

Judas Iscariot has fun questioning everything Jesus says. He is not happy with his attitude, because he thinks that his actions can be dangerous for the community. It’s interesting because you also discover another story for Judas, you can see him as a human as well, with feelings, emotions and logical ideas.

The musical makes you think about the Bible and Jesus Christ’s life. As I said in another post before, I think that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice were quite gentle, without questioning most of the ideas of Christianity. I don’t see the show as a very provocative. But I understand that in 1970 some religious groups could be offended.

In the film, at the beginning, you see lots of actors getting ready to play the passion of Christ. The story becomes real, butI also see it as a metaphor. You can believe in the story or not, but those characters were real people, humans as you and me. And it’s important to explore it as well, to see Jesus as a 33 years old guy in Judea, more than the Son of God.

He faces, as everybody in this world, some dilemmas of what’s good and wrong in his life. And Judas is very important in this musical, because he is not ashamed to tell him that the popularity that he is having is not good. After discovering ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, I discovered a book called ‘The gospel according to Jesus Christ’ by José Saramago (one of my favourite writers). I recommend it to you if you think like me, because I find the story much more critical with Christianity. In the book, he is a normal guy, he has a gilfriend, Mary Magdalene, two parents who love him so much…, and also is the Son of God.

But of course I love to watch ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, enjoying all the songs and performances. How about you, do you know Jesus Christ?



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