The Posters of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

The posters are very important for the musicals. Basically, it’s a way to release the show and to be recognised by the audience. Doing the research for this post I had a problem: ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ has been produced so many times all around the world that there are thousands of posters. There are professional and amateurs productions, with different posters. But it’s good, because it means that this rock opera has been seen for many people all around the world, so they can enjoy the songs and the performances (of course the story is well known).

I will show you some of the posters that I’ve found. But it’s true that most of them have some similar things. There are some symbols related to the story in the posters. That’s a way to be recognised and to let the people know what’s the show about. For example, there are stars, Jesus profile, a cross…

Let’s start with the first poster of the show. It belongs to the first production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in the Palace Theatre, in London. This picture is iconic, I’ve seen the logo everywhere, and it reminds you the musical. You can see two angels united; I can guess that it’s Jesus and Judas, two completely different personalities but together, but I’m not sure that’s the real meaning of it. It’s just an interpretation.

For the film adaptation they decided to show the crucifixion scene. It’s a good poster, because you know what’s the movie about. It’s one of the most important scenes in the Bible, but not in the show. But anyway is an iconic picture, so I understand that the creators chose this as a poster. And looks good anyway.

The DVD of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ has a different cover, which you can see the face of Jesus. He is wearing the crown of thorns and he is clearly carrying the heavy cross. I like this picture, with Ted Neeley, who played Jesus in the movie. It’s simple but works well.

The poster for the Arena Tour is my favourite above all. That’s why I chose it to be in my logo of the blog this month. I think that is the simplest one, more elaborated, more artistic and visual. The star is broken in lots of pieces and in different colours (if you look properly, you can see there are 11 different colours and the star in the middle). So it represents Jesus and the apostles.

The last poster I want to show you is the Spanish production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (in 2007). I like this poster because I saw the show in Barcelona many years ago, so I have a good memory about it. But I also like the poster because is very colourful. I like the composition, with the colour orange very powerful and the silhouette of Jesus in the middle.

I’m sorry for missing lots of posters more. But I would like to discover new ones, that maybe I haven’t seen yet. Which one is your favourite?




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