Why is ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ controversial?

Jesus Christ Superstar’ is a very controversial show. Some religious group can’t accept that some people can create art based on religion and the Bible from an artistic point of view, different from the Bible. But why is that controversial? I think I can make a list. I’m sure you can have some more ideas and write it on the comments.


  • A rock opera musical about Jesus Christ

That’s something impossible to see for some retrograde people. They think that rock and punk is related to devil. So is inconceivable to see a show about Jesus, about the Son of God, singing with rock music. It’s just unacceptable for them.


  • Jesus as a human, not a divinity

In the musical you can see a Jesus who doubts, who loves, who makes mistakes, who suffers, who is scared… But he hasn’t got any special power. You know that he is the Son of God, but in the show is not a divinity, is a character (a very important one), he is a human.


  • Judas as a human, not as a traitor

The musical shows Judas’ point of view of the famous story. It’s a character that you understand. He has always been known for being the traitor, because of him Jesus died crucified. But he was also a human, he had his reasons to do it. So the musical wants to explore his personality and the reasons to commit it.



  • Mary Magdalene is so in love with Jesus

I specially like this character in the musical, because she is more than a prostitute. She has a relationship with Jesus. That’s something unacceptable, because Jesus was pure and virgin. I don’t agree at all with this idea, because if you see the movie you can see that their relationship is formal. They are not passionate, in love. There is any sexual content in them.


  • Judas is black

The movie adaptation of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was released in 1973 with some controversial too. The character of Judas was played by Carl Anderson, a black actor. That was something completely new until then and some people were shock and against it. Respect and equality? Of course not in the Church!


  • Where is God?

God is anywhere in the show. The story is about the human side of the biblical characters, but you can’t see any divinity, any power of God. And what’s worst, God is accused of driving the situation. Jesus is desperate because he knows that God wants him to die and he is scared. Then, Judas feels frustrated, used as a toy by God to betray Jesus. I agree that is an interpretation that can offend some people, but should be accepted and respected too.


What do you think? Do you think ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘ is a blasphemy?



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