Jesus, the leader

Writing my last post about the adaptations and the reinterpretations of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ I got inspired about something. I thought that in the show, Jesus is the leader of a group who is fighting for change their reality, their world. It can be extrapolated to other circumstances and situations. To be a leader is a difficult position, especially in a revolution or where the things are changing.

I remembered the show ‘Made in Dagenham’ that I saw in the Adelphi Theatre a few weeks ago. Rita O’Grady is fed up of being discriminated for being a woman, so she decides to begin a strike for equal pay. In her journey, she has to deal with people following her ideas, encouraging her, and also people who tries to destroy her, even the closest friends. Everybody around is related to the fight, and sometimes is difficult to accept. For example, her husband supports her but when the fight is getting too long, he decides to leave her side for the better of their children.

The story of Jesus in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is similar. Is the story of a leader and all the troubles in his journey. He is dealing with people beside him, like Simon the Zealote and Mary Magdalene. But there are also problems and difficulties. Judas is creating dispute, which I think is also important in this kind of situation to think if the decisions made are the best for everybody. When the things get tough, most of the people move away.

Of course ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is the story of Judas, but we can also see the journey of Jesus and his death fighting for what he believes (or has to believe, as God wishes). And in the musical we can also see the point of view of more people in this revolution, basically Judas and Mary Magdalene. Their world is also changing and that’s something hard to accept

What do you think about Jesus as a leader?




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