Covers of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Youtube is a well full of videos where you can find and discover songs and covers. I think it’s great because some people can discover new songs and musicals because of their covers. Lots of audience follow different Youtubers, so they can learn about musicals because of them.

I’m telling you that because I was doing some research and I found lots of covers of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. There are a lot of people performing some of the hits by Andrew Lloyd Webber with their guitars, pianos or only singing. I think that it’s amazing because some of their followers can be interested later on the show.

This time I show you only two covers, my favourite ones:

  • Andrey Dobrovolskiy

His cover is just amazing, no words to describe it. He plays the ‘Overture’ with the guitar. But what’s better is the way it’s performed, filmed and edited. It’s very original. I enjoy the lyrics of the song, because the ‘Overture’ is a mixture of most of the hits from the show. Sounds great, don’t miss it!



  • Anastacia

I personally love Anastacia so much. She is an American singer who became popular in Europe for songs such as ‘Left Outside Alone’. She performed in the Concert for Diana in 2007, in the Wembley Stadium in London. It was broadcasted in 140 different countries, so a lot of people from around the world could see the popular Anastacia performing ‘Superstar’ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. I love this version, because her range is amazing, she is great, she has lot of style. She does a great job, so it’s my favourite cover. Enjoy it!


Do you know any other good cover of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘ that I should know? Just let me know on the comments!




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