Don’t Stop Believin’

Glee’ started in 2009 giving some new fresh air at the TV. There are thousands of shows and films about high school. But for the first time the story was focused on the arts, performing and singing, which was quite unusual.

Will Schuester is a teacher in a high school in Ohio. He used to be in the Glee Club when he was young, so he decides to take over the club as a volunteer. Some of the students start to join the club, especially freaks or marginalized. We can say that Rachel Berry, a student whose dream is to become a Broadway star, is the main character of the whole show. Because in 6 seasons we can see how she changes and follows her dream to be an artist.

During the 6 seasons of the show, we can see the Glee Club, called ‘New Directions’ getting ready for all the competitions they perform. With some drama, of course, introducing new members and some of them were leaving. The message was that music is universal: it doesn’t distinguish colour, gender or sexuality.

Glee’ was supposed to break with the stereotypes of high school (the stupid cheerleaders, the bully football players, the freaks…). I guess that the show was created as a parody of all these situations and characters. I’m not sure that it succeeded, but the intentions were good.

This premise is good, the show could be great with that, but then came boring performances, absurd plots, characters disappearing from one episode to another… And it’s sad, because ‘Glee’ could have been a great show and it didn’t. During this month I’ll try to remember the good things. But I also think that is important to recognise all the mistakes and bad things about it.

The best way to remember ‘Glee’ is with the best performances, like ‘Don’t Stop Believin’




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