‘Baby I was born this way’

Glee’ is a very popular show, seen in America and around the world, like the UK. And that’s good because it can send lots of messages to a huge audience. In the case of this musical show, the creators decided to talk about respect, tolerance and diversity. In six seasons, the sexuality has been a very important subject. There have been some gay characters, also lesbians and even transsexuals.

The main character, which represents the diversity in the show, is Kurt Hummel. The actor Chris Colfer plays this role and he won a Golden Globe in 2011. His story is very emotional and kind: bullying, acceptance, overcoming, and finding love. The audience can learn to understand homosexuality. Watching Kurt, a guy with a lot of dreams and talent to share, fighting to be accepted as he is.

Anyway I think that most of the audience of ‘Glee’ accept the homosexuality before the show was released. But it’s true that some episodes and characters are a reflection of different real situations or mentalities. Unfortunately, bullying is real and some people have problems to deal with schoolmates or their parents. So I understand that, for many people, can be an inspiration to see a gay character with ambitions, with talent, with dreams and motivations overcoming and accepting happily that he is gay.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Kurt Hummel. I agree that he has the coolest and more understanding father in the world. But when I was watching the show, I only could see Kurt as a stereotype. He is effeminate, he loves singing, he loves musicals, he is addicted to fashion, sometimes he is a drama queen… But in the other hand, he is also introvert and a bit asexual (especially at the beginning, but he changes season after season). At the end, Kurt is a man completely different from the beginning. He hasn’t got any problem for being gay and being married with a man.

In the second season they made an episode dedicated to Lady Gaga and they sung ‘Born This Way’. Is the anthem for the acceptance of diversity. As you must know, Gaga is a gay diva that represents the bizarre and self-acceptance, so she has been idolized in most of the episodes. Her positive messages fit really well in the stories of ‘Glee’. In the performance of ‘Born This Way’, the different students from the Glee Club had to express their best kept secret in a shirt. Of course, Kurt’s ‘Likes Boys’ shirt got most of the attention.

What do you think about the LGTB characters in ‘Glee’?



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