Who is Rachel Berry?

Rachel Berry is the main character of ‘Glee’. Of course Finn Hudson was too, but unfortunately nobody would expected what happened. The character is played by Lea Michele, a Broadway actress who became popular performing in the musical ‘Spring Awakening’. To be honest, she was the reason why I was watching the show. She is so talented and amazing that I didn’t want to miss her performances.

Rachel is not the kind of character you fall in love quite easily. She is arrogant, quite annoying sometimes. But she is very talented, passionate and with a lot of ambitions. She fights for her dreams without stop. And that’s good and also a bit unreal. Her career is successful from the very beginning, she just makes a few mistakes and she also has a second or third chance to succeed. It’s great, she deserves the best, but real life is not like that, oh no.

I must recognise that she changes a lot in the whole show. At the very beginning she is an arrogant and innocent girl. But then she becomes an artist, with a lot of share to her friends and students from the new Glee Club. She is persistent, she fights to become a Broadway star. It’s true that she has a lot of solos in most of the episodes, which is unfair because other actors and actresses are good too, but I love to watch her singing anyway.

So this week I will share with you some of the solos I like the most of Rachel Berry in ‘Glee’. There are lots of solos, don’t blame me if I forget any of your favourites. I remember watching the second season and every week speaking with my friend Maria del Mar about them (‘Have you seen ‘Papa Can You Hear Me‘???’). I will write about the ones that I remember the most because they inspired me or impressed me for some reason.

Do you like the idea?



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