‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’

On the third season the New Directions performed in the Nationals. It was the last year of most of the students so they wanted to win the competition. They did, of course, as was expected. All the characters were struggling with their exams and getting ready for University. Rachel Berry was trying to get into NYADA (New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts) but she had some problems on her audition, so she wasn’t sure she would get in.

But she has a second chance, she insists to Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg) to do the audition again. She invites her to the Nationals, so she can see the way she sings live, in front of lots of people. She sings a solo, ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’, one of the best performances of Rachel for me.
The way it’s performed is beautiful. She is wearing a stunning red dress, she is all alone in the stage, she looks like a diva. She proofs that she is amazing, extremely talented.

The song was created by Jim Steinman. But it has been produced many times. The band Pandora’s Box recorded it on their album ‘Original Sin’ in 1989 but it became popular when Celine Dion recorded it in 1996 for her album ‘Falling Into You’. Also, the singer Meat Loaf recorded a cover too in 2006 for his album ‘Bat out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose’, as a duet with Marion Raven.

I think that Celine Dion’s version is the most popular of the song. To be honest, I didn’t know it before ‘Glee’, because I’m not a fan of her. I’ve never heard her music and I don’t like ‘My Heart Will Go On’. But this song has something different, so much potential that moves me a lot. Her voice, her passion and knowing that Rachel is doing her best to impress Carmen Tibideaux makes it one of the best scenes on ‘Glee‘.

What do you think about it, do you like it?




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