Original Songs

I honestly think that ‘Glee’ could have been a great show, but it didn’t. The writers and producers wasted many opportunities to be memorable. In the second season, they decided to create a few original songs, which it was a great idea. Stop covering for the first time and create new content, but they only made a few songs.

I think that more original songs would be great for the show; it would have been a better quality, instead of lots of forgetful covers. I think that the covers of ‘Glee’ don’t have anything special. It’s just the same song, the same music, with a different voice from the original. After 6 seasons, that’s boring to hear. And also boring to perform, most of them in the choir room without any special choreography.

During the second season, Rachel proposed to introduce some original songs for the different competitions. They performed ‘Get It Right’ and ‘Loser Like Me’ on the Regionals and ‘Pretending’ and ‘Light Up The World’ on the Nationals. During that season, there are a few original songs like ‘Hell To The No’, ‘Trouty Mouth’ or ‘My Headband’ because the New Directions were looking for the perfect songs to perform.

The best original song to me is ‘Get It Right’, of course a Rachel’s solo. I felt that, for the first time, I was watching a musical. The songs were expressing the feelings of the character, with a song instead of only words. The song was integrated in the story, was a part of it like a musical should be. And a new lyric and melody, not a cover was brilliant.

Lea’s performance is memorable too. On her own, on the stage, just singing. The song means a lot for the character, because she is in love with Finn but he has a relationship with Quinn. He is kind of playing with the two girls because he is not brave enough to decide. And it’s frustrating for her.

Also, in the last episode, there is ‘This Time’, which we can consider an original song as well. It was composed by Darren Criss (who plays Blaine). It’s an important song because is very dramatic, is the last solo of Rachel, also the last ballad of the show and if you listen carefully all the words, you see that is very emotional.

Do you like the original songs or you prefer the covers of any other artist or musical?




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