Rachel is changing

Rachel Berry changes a lot during the show. Se is a teenager and becomes a woman. She is the main character of ‘Glee’, so she is completely different from the beginning at the last episode. When the show started, Rachel was a very talented student. Her dream was to become an artist on Broadway, but she was arrogant, childish and smug. Because of her attitude, she is lonely, without friends. Once she joins the Glee Club she makes lots of new friends who cares and loves.

At the end of ‘Glee’, she is a professional actress. Her career is very successful but she has made lots of hard choices and mistakes during all those years. But they are important to succeed.

There are two solos that remind me this transition. Probably there are more songs about changing and growing up on the show, but these two really inspired me.



At the end of the third season Rachel must go to New York to study because she has been accepted at NYADA school. But the plan was to move there with Kurt and Finn, but they have been rejected from the schools they applied for. So she decides not to go alone to the big city. But Finn encourages her to do it, because she has too, is good for her career.

It’s a hard decision and this song expresses very well all the feelings from the characters: fear, sadness, hope and love. This song was written by the duet Room For Two. They write songs for many people like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers… And they also wrote the original songs for ‘Glee’ like ‘Get It Right’ or ‘Loser Like Me’. This song is very beautiful and inspiring, they did a great job and because of ‘Glee’ lots of people could discover it. To me, it’s one of the saddest and heartbreaking scenes of the whole show.



In life, we need to deal with hard decisions, and sometimes is difficult to know if they are the best choice or not. On the fourth season of ‘Glee’, Rachel had to decide if she wants to appear naked in a film. She thinks if it’s worth it to become an artist as she has always dreamed. So she has a duet with herself, the modern and the Rachel from the past.

I think this scene is very well composed, because you can see two different Rachel singing together, it makes a lot of sense and you can understand her feelings. The song is also very appropriate, created by the Australian-British singer and songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. I enjoy to see Rachel how was in the past, with tracky dresses, and in the present, with lot of style and charming. It’s a scene about being conscious about changes and becoming adult, which is great.

What do you think about these solos, do you like them, is there any other you like more?



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