‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’

In ‘Glee’, from the very beginning, has focused on Rachel’s story. And that’s great, you know I like her so much, but there are some other characters, actors and actresses as good as Lea Michele. And sometimes, we could be surprised and impressed by their performances. On the first season, I’m sure all the audience was in shock after watching one of the first Mercedes’ solos.

The New Directions are preparing the songs for the Sectionals and they decide that Mercedes will sing a solo. They finally change the playlist because the other opponent groups are performing it too. That’s the moment when Rachel sings ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ by Funny Girl. But as audience, we could enjoy and discover Amber Riley’s talent. Her voice is so strong, with a great range, so powerful and unique.

She performed ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’. This song is from the musical ‘Dreamgirls’ (a show that it’s coming soon to London, hurray!!!). I think that is one of the most powerful diva songs in musicals of all time. In the original show, is performed by Effie White (Jennifer Hudson in the movie adaptation). The lyrics are just amazing, the character is so devoted and in love with her manager’s Curtis Taylor Jr.

In fact, Mercedes Jones has a lot in common with Effie White. On the first hand, they are extremely talented, with great voices out of ordinary. And then, at the beginning, they are misunderstood, undervalued, but then they can prove and show their spectacular range and talent. So I don’t think that this song was chosen by accident for Mercedes.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed this performance, one of the best by far on the whole show, in six seasons. Daniel that’s for you, because you are so in love and obsessed with diva solos. I think that Amber Riley’s voice was very important on ‘Glee’, because it means lots of great songs and high notes. So we could be delighted by ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’.

Let me know, were you so impressed with this performance?



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