Diversity in ‘Glee’

There are lots of characters on ‘Glee’. It means that they can represent a lot of ethnicities, sexual orientations, personalities, qualities… Lot of people who used to watch the show, could feel related to some of them. All the characters meet in the Glee Choir, without differences or inequalities. They just perform and sing their feelings and emotions, and that’s something amazing, touching, inspiring and also a bit overblown.

Let’s check some of that distinctness that I remember from the show.



She is a Latin American and bisexual girl. She represents all the Latin American people in the American society. She is strong and temperamental, but she is also very clever and has a lot of talent, dances and sings very well. She is destructive at the beginning, as a Cheerleader, she is bullying some of the students, but later she is bullied for being a lesbian. She fights for respect, tolerance and acceptance.

Probably one of her best performance on the show is ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’, on Season 5. She joins the auditions for ‘Funny Girl’ like Rachel. In fact, in that Season, Santana looks like her only purpose is to follow Rachel’s success and destroy her (and Rachel gets paranoid). It was a bit boring, but we were delighted with Naya Rivera’s voice performing that amazing song, as good as Lea Michele on the first season.



He is disabled, using a wheelchair. He represents the disability on the society, but in a very positive way. He is able to sing, dance, fall in love, move to a new city and fight for his dreams. He has a lot of style and self-confidence, which is a great example for all the people who are in a similar situation like him. He is not different from the rest for being in a wheelchair, he is as important as everybody.

My favourite performance of Artie is ‘Safety Dance’. Of course his dream is to walk and dance, like the rest of the people, and that causes him frustration. He dreams that he is able to dance in a supermarket. It’s a wonderful scene and very entertaining, with a great choreography.



She is from Asia, which is a ethnicity also very important in America. In the case of Tina, she changes a lot during the show. She starts as an emo, stammering and introverted, and at the end she is a very friendly girl, kind and nice with everybody. She is great, she fights for become a singer and an artist like Rachel, but when she realises that she is not like her, she just accept that, encourages her and takes her own way to success. Which is a good message too, everybody is different and important in the world.

Her performance I remember is ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’, of course, from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ on Season 4. She is confused and in love with Blaine, but he likes Sam. So it’s the best song to choose in that love triangle.



He is a crazy guy, sometimes you are not sure what is he thinking of, but he is also the reflection of the economic crisis. His family lives an eviction, so he must find a job, leaving his studies, to help. It’s a hard situation but also real. Even this, he overcomes and learns a lot about it. So he reflects the strenght to overcome and solve hard situations.

He performed ‘Billionaire’ the first time he appeared on the show on the Second Season. To be honest, is not one of my favourite characters by far, but he has some sense of humour and he is charming.


And I could write about all the characters on the show, because all of them have something especial and different that reflects lots of situations of society. Is there any character you felt identified with for some reason?




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