Tributes in ‘Glee’

From the beginning, ‘Glee’ has been organised by subjects. This means that every episode is about something different, like faith (‘Grilled Cheesus’, in the second season, one of the worst and conservatives episodes ever), respect, Mash-Up or love. Every week, Will Schuester used to choose a topic so the New Directions had to prepare songs related to it.

But there were some especial episodes, dedicated to singers or bands. There were quite a few in 6 seasons, but I remember just a few:



That was the first episode dedicated to an artist. It was on the first season. Sue Silvester is a fan of Madonna and she wanted the Cheerios to perform some of her songs. But Will decides that the New Directions should do the same and get inspired by her lyrics about equality.

Is the opportunity to perform some of the hits of Madonna, like ‘Vogue’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘4 Minutes’… I think that the best performance is ‘Like A Prayer’. Starts with Rachel all alone in the middle of the stage and the rest of the group coming to join her and dance. At the end, a Gospel band also sings.



In this case, two episodes were dedicated to one of the most important pop singers, Britney Spears. We all remember her songs, due to her popularity and fame. The first episode was on the Second Season. It was kind of weird, because the guys are going to the dentist but the anesthesia make them watch hallucinations. They all see themselves singing and dancing Britney’s songs. There is even a cameo in one of the scenes.

One more tribute is made in the Fourth Season, when Brittany is kicked off the Cheerios and she finds in Britney Spears the inspiration to overcome. So it’s a new opportunity to listen some of her songs again, like ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘Womanizer’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Oops… I Did It Again’, ‘Hold It Against Me’, ‘Toxic’…

The best performance for me was ‘Toxic’. I think that the way they performed it was really good. All the guys dressed with a suit, you only see black and white. The choreo is great too, with some kind of sensuality. Probably Britney Spears was very happy with the result.



Looks like the whole ‘Glee’ has done lots of tributes to Lady Gaga. There are plenty of songs in Six Seasons. But it’s very obvious why. To be honest, I don’t like Lady Gaga, I recognise that she is very talented, she has proved several times that she has a great voice, but I don’t like that all her songs are electronic, it’s not the kind of music I like, so I find most of them boring.

But don’t get me wrong; she has a lot of good things. She is a great performer; she has innovated a lot, creating visual and unique shows and videoclips that are an inspiration for lots of people. She also sings about respect and tolerance, especially for homosexuals, and I think it’s great that she can send these positive messages to the entire world.

Her messages and her performances fit very well on ‘Glee’. Even her extravagances are such an inspiration for the members of the Glee Club. Lots of songs have been performed in the show, like ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Applause’, ‘Marry The Night’, ‘Telephone’ or ‘Edge Of Glory’.

My favourite is ‘Poker Face’. Basically I think that, finally, they did a different cover of the song. Played in the piano sounds really good, with the voices of Lea Michele and Idina Menzel. To be honest, I still don’t get why they choose this song. Listen to the lyrics and try to understand why a mother and a daughter sing this together. ‘I’ll get him hot and show him what I’ve got’. Seriously? It’s not a familiar song at all. It’s very funny.



I love Katy Perry. I have a special part in my heart for her, I just do. I think that she is great, innovative, positive and lovely. Watching her performing live in Barcelona with Daniel was one of the best experiences ever. But coming back to ‘Glee’, I think that she has a style and personality that also fits very well in the show. That’s why lots of songs where performed too.

There are a few songs performed in the whole show, like ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Firework’ or ‘I Kissed A Girl’, but if I have to choose, I would say that my favourite is ‘Teenage Dream’, performed by the Warblers. I like the style of that band, the songs sound different, like a kind of cappella. I only think: what kind of band is that, with only Blaine singing? But it’s a good cover of the song.



Of course, a tribute to one of the most important British bands ever. In this case, there were to episodes in a row dedicated to them. The first two episodes of the Fifth Season are a tribute to The Beatles. Both episodes are not important in terms of the story. Anything new is introduced; everything is the same since the finale of the Fourth Season.

It’s just one more day in High School performing new covers from The Beatles without any special reason. Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel is trying to get her part in ‘Funny Girl’. In two episodes we could hear ‘Yesterday’, ‘Help!’, ‘All You Need Is Love’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Let It Be’… All of them are great hits, known by everybody.

The best performance, for me, was ‘Imagine’, in the First Season. That’s the kind of scenes that we should remember of ‘Glee’. They are dramatic, with lot of heart and beautiful. The New Directions perform with the Haverbrook School for the Deaf Glee Club. They sing while they use sign language to express all the feelings and emotions of the song.


There are lot more of tributes in ‘Glee’, like Carole King, Michael Jackson and even Miley Cyrus. Which one is your favourite? Do you think it was a good idea to produce this kind of episodes?




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