Goodbye, ‘Glee’!

It’s time to say goodbye to May! June is here, summer is coming back, I hope the good weather too, because it’s been cold for the last few days. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘Glee’ as the Musical Of The Month too. I hope you enjoyed it like me and remember all the good things and performances of the TV show.

The entire show had 121 episodes. That’s a lot of songs, stories, characters, competitions, and performances… Of course I’m missing a lot of things, it’s impossible to fit all of them in one month. I hope you don’t mind, I can write about the show again someday, who knows?

June is here, it’s time for a new musical, but this month will be a little bit different, not exactly dedicated to one musical. On the 20th and 21st of June, in Trafalgar Square, there will be one of the most important events for musical theatre lovers in London: West End Live. Is the festival of musicals, most of the shows performing a few songs for free.

This month, I want to dedicate all the post to this important event, because I think that it’s a very special celebration, I’ve been waiting for it for the whole year. All the post will include some information about musical theatre and London. I want to share with you my experience and all the things I’ve learned in the city (related to musicals, of course).

Don’t panic, a new show will come next month! Get ready for the biggest celebration of musical theatre in London: West End Live!



Un pensamiento en “Goodbye, ‘Glee’!

  1. Maria Eugènia

    Ostres, quina sort amb aquest WEST END LIVE. Quina enveja!!!

    Uups, what lucky you are with this WEST END LIVE. I’m really jealous.

    Me gusta



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