Go to TKTS store!

Picture by Randy Escalada on Flickr

Picture by Randy Escalada on Flickr

London is one of the best cities in the world to see some musicals. There are a lot of great shows to enjoy, I wish I could see all of them, but of course the tickets cost so much money that I can’t afford all of them. Thanks God, there are some especial offers or Day Seats. You can get tickets in a good seat for a good price, you just need to do some research before.

There are lots of stores in London doing discounts and selling tickets. I want to show you my favourite one; it’s in Leicester Square. It’s TKTS, run by the Society of London Theatre. It’s an organisation that provides a voice for all the artists, producers, theatres and managers of the city.

What I enjoy the most of this store is to go and see the different discounts available on the digital board. You must know that the producers of the shows provide all the tickets they want to sell to TKTS store. That’s why they don’t charge an excessive amount of commissions and booking fees. Sometimes they have special offers or discounts for performances that are not really busy.

To be honest, I prefer to buy directly to the theatre, but if I don’t have choice, TKTS is the safest place to buy. Every time that I’m close to Leicester Square I go and check on the board if there is any discount, just in case, you never know. But it’s true that some people go really early in the morning (they open at 10) to get the best seats.

The staff has always been very nice with me, always going extra miles to help me and looking for the best show I can afford. Also, from time to time, they usually do an especial offer on Wednesdays. Some shows are sold at half price, and I think it’s great because it’s a fantastic opportunity to see a show for a very good price. There will be a store inside Trafalgar Square during West End Live, so you can go and look for the best tickets once you enjoyed the different performances!



3 pensamientos en “Go to TKTS store!

  1. Chow Kim Wan

    I better bookmark this, for I am going to London next year. It does not seem that far away haha. I’m going in April; perhaps I might get to see you in person! (Though we might not recognize each other haha.)

    Me gusta

      1. Chow Kim Wan

        Yeah. Btw I mentioned you in my recent post. It’s more of like a thank-you note for reading my blog. I’m unsure if you have seen it, so if you haven’t, I’d like to thank you for being supportive of my blogging endeavors for the past few months. Reading and commenting on my posts, sharing interesting stuff… I like it! Thanks! Yeah maybe we can meet.

        Me gusta


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