Day Seats, the best option to get tickets in London

Picture by Jeremy Noble on Flickr

Day Seats are the best chance to go to theatre in London for a good price. These tickets are the first on my list when I’m planning going to see a show. Some theatres release a few amount of Day Seats every day, for a reduced price, once they open (most of them from 10 o’clock).

I recommend having a look at the official webpage of every show. It’s the first thing you must do. There you can find the tickets’ price or if there’s any special offer. Then, if you need more information, you should go to the theatre directly, of course.

Information about the Day Seats in the Lyceum Theatre webpage, where currently is performing The Lion King

Depending on the show, some people go very early on the morning and wait in front of the Box Office until they open to buy their Day Seats. This kind of tickets are very popular, so many people get there a couple of hours before they open. I know it’s hard to wake up early just to go to the theatre but it’s worth it. You should check Twitter too, because people usually say if they are queuing. More or less, you can see if people get there very early or you can sleep some more.

The price of the tickets depends on the theatre and the show. For example, Wicked is getting more expensive because it’s a very popular show. The price can change, of course. Usually, Day Seats price is about £15, £20, £25 or even £5 in the case of Matilda for those aged 16 to 25 only.

Picture by Elliott Brown on Twitter

The seats are located in different places. Some theatres have rows and special seats that are always sold as Day Seats. Also, some theatres have a box office discretion, which means that the locations will depend on how busy is the performance on that day. If it’s quiet, maybe you can find a great seat for a good price. Don’t worry, they are usually on the stalls and maybe restricted view, but nothing serious, you will be able to watch the show without any problem.

In some theatres you can also ask for standing tickets. When all the tickets are sold, some theatres sell standing tickets too. You don’t have a seat, but you can see the show standing. I know, sounds exhausting and it’s not comfortable at all, but you can see the show without paying a lot. For some people who can’t afford their tickets, it’s a good option.

Day Seats are a great deal but you need to organise yourself: look for some information, wake up early and be prepared to wait in a queue in front of the Box Office (wear the appropriate clothes, remember that the weather in London changes all the time, drink some coffee…).

Don’t forget that you can’t buy Day Seats in advance, you’ll book your tickets for the same day performance. But, you know, sometimes, improvised plans are the best!

All the inconvenient about Day Seats disappear once you can watch the show, enjoy it and love it for a reasonable price. Once you are sitting in the theatre, have a look around you and think that most of the people paid more than the double than you.

The best way to be informed about Day Seats is, without any doubt, checking the Theatre Monkey webpage. It’s a great webpage because it’s updated by the users and people who is going to see shows in London. They write reviews about their seats, if they were happy with the views and the price. Also, you can check the price, the location and you can know the time that people go queuing.

Enjoy the show!!!



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