The schedule of West End Live 2015

Picture by West End Live Facebook Page

Picture by West End Live Facebook Page

West End Live is almost there. Next week, I’ll be enjoying the performances on Trafalgar Square. I’ll try to post some pictures on Twitter, but my phone is rubbish, so the battery dies after a few hours only. So I won’t be able to share with you many things. But once it’s finished, of course I’ll write here about the experience.

So it’s time to get ready for it, I’m so excited I can’t wait. I want to share with you today some new information about the event. Basically, this week they updated the schedule.


  • Entrances:

It’s a free event, in Trafalgar Square, but there are gates especially for the West End Live to organise all the huge amount of people. The gates will be opened at 10:30 approximately. You better go very early and wait until that happens if you want to see the stage properly. Also, a wheelchair viewing are will be positioned on the North Terrace of Trafalgar Square, above the steps.

You can come to the Square by train, bus or tube. The closest stations are Charing Cross, Embankment and Leicester Square. And, as always, you can plan your journey on the webpage of Transport for London.


  • Schedule:

Finally we have the schedule so we can have a better idea of the shows that are participating this year. There are a few missing, like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ or ‘The Book Of Mormon’, but I think there is a fantastic selection of shows and groups. Even ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Seven Brides For Seven Brothers’ who haven’t started performances yet (and I have my tickets booked for both of them, already!)



Schedule West End Live 2015 SaturdaySchedule West End Live 2015 Saturday







As you can see, Saturday is the most exciting day, with lots of performances. Most of the shows are participating this year. I’m so surprised because last year, most of the shows were new for me. But now, I’m proud to say that I’ve seen most of them. I can’t wait to see all of them again, they will be delightful.


Schedule West End Live 2015 SundaySunday is also a great day with amazing performances, but it’s true that most of the most important shows in town don’t perform that day. But it will be a funny day too, I’m sure I’ll enjoy all the performances as well.


Are you excited as me? Are you planning to go to Trafalgar Square next weekend?


Font: West End Live Official Webpage



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