A Sunday in West End LIVE 2015

WEL 2015

Sunday at West End LIVE 2015 was a really warm day, sunny, I had to wear my sunglasses most of the time and I was closer to the stage. Everything started one hour later, so I could sleep a bit more. I got early there anyway but there were less people. I think that everybody is excited on Saturday, with all the important shows of West End, but I also think that on Sunday are good performances, you can be surprised too. I enjoyed it really much.

On Sunday they improved the camera crane, probably because some people would complain, I don’t know. The camera was moving faster and taking more shots of the crowd. That’s a better idea, because it can restrict your views for a second, but then it moves so you can keep watching without any problem. Next year could be fine if it’s made like that. But it’s true that I think that it’s not necessary for the kind of event it is. But it’s fine.

What's It All About WEL

The Lion King WELThe day started with ‘What’s It All About?’ and I think it was a great start. The music was catchy and the performances were amazing. It’s a show that will be seen at the Menier Chocolate Factory this summer. I definitely would like to see it. It’s coming from Broadway, with music by Burt Bacharach, so hopefully it will be a success. Then, ‘The Lion King’ was on the stage, but it was a bit disappointing that only performed ‘Shadowland’. I think that this show has lots of tunes and hits, so they could choose some more. But at least was something. It’s a great show that can be seen at the Lyceum Theatre, celebrating 15 years of success.


The Commitments Sunday WEL

Matilda Sunday WELThe Commitments’ came back to the stage to perform the same medley like the day before. I like it very much, it completely changes your mood, makes you feel happy and have fun. All the public was enjoying it so much too. Then, it was the turn of ‘Matilda’ and performed ‘Naughty’ again. As I said, it’s a bit disappointing too, because they could change a little bit, Matilda has more solos, like ‘Quiet’, which is so cute and moving that all the people would enjoy it too.

Billy Elliot Sunday WELThe musical ‘Billy Elliot’ performed once again, but this time, Bradley Perret performed ‘Electricity’. As you must know, is one of the most important and popular songs on the show, and it’s always great to see it. Billy is doing the audition and he is asked what does he feels when he dances. So he is transformed with dancing, his passion.

Memphis Sunday WELThen, ‘Memphis’ came back to Trafalgar Square. It was the time to present the new cast. I’m sure you know that Killian Donnelly is leaving the show to join the new cast of ‘Kinky Boots’ at the Adelphi Theatre. So, Matt Cardle will take his role in ‘Memphis’. He is a British singer who became popular for being on the X Factor. He did a great job singing ‘Memphis Lives In Me’.

Jersey Boys WEL 2Later, the musical ‘Jersey Boys’ came back again to perform. They did the same song medley like Saturday and I must recognise that I sung as well. I like it very much, but I feel like they are cheating, because then you watch the show and they don’t have more good songs. But I guess that it has their audience, I’m sure that lots of people enjoy it, otherwise it wouldn’t be performing every night after so many years.

John Owen-Jones WELCarmen WELI was so impressed by ‘Carmen’, an opera by Georges Bizet that could be seen at the Coliseum Theatre, at the English National Opera. And then, the greatest surprise of the day, John Owen-Jones performed a few songs. The show ‘Dusty’ was supposed to be there, but for some reason they cancelled it, so he came to sing a few songs. I loved his cover of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’, by Conchita Wurst, the song that won last Eurovision Song Contest and, of course, ‘Bring Him Home’ from ‘Les Misérables’.

Let It Be WELThe show ‘Let It Be’, with songs from The Beatles participated too on Sunday. For me, it was the most boring part of the day, because I don’t really like the songs, but most of the people knew all of them and they were singing too. Maybe it’s too British for me, sorry! Like ‘Briefs’ a show that can be seen this summer at the Southbank Centre, which was kind of surprising and shocking, but it wasn’t that bad. It’s just that probably it’s not my cup of tea.

West End Masterclass WELI was amazed again with all the kids and the different schools. All those students will be the stars of the shows in London and UK. I specially remember the ‘West End Masterclass’ with a medley dedicated to the musical ‘Hairspray’. These kids are amazing, because they must have the best teachers in the UK.

Like Saturday, the show ‘American Idiot’ performed the same songs, because they just started the rehearsals, so they don’t have more songs to show. The cast is formed by Steve Rushton and Amelia Lily, a famous singer who appeared in X Factor but since then she has been playing musicals. I can’t wait to see this show, I booked my ticket already, because my brother loves Green Day, so in my youth I used to listen the ‘American Idiot’ album at home. So, it’s kind of part of me too.

Avenue Q WELThen, ‘Avenue Q’ was on the stage too, performing a good medley, with some of the best songs that aren’t that popular from the show, like ‘For Now’ and ‘Schadenfreude’. I saw this production at the Greenwich Theatre last year, but it’s now on tour across UK and will be back in London next year at the Wimbledon New Theatre.

The event was almost over, but one of the most performances of the weekend was waiting. It was the ‘West End Cabaret’, a medley of songs of British musical theatre with some of the stars of UK. Ben Stock was the musical director (what a talented and funny guy!) and the songs were decided by popular vote on Twitter. The stars Kim Criswell, Louise Dearman, Mark Evans and Caroline Sheen performed all the songs. It was a bit disappointing for me that they didn’t present the song, the musical or the story. I didn’t recognise most of them and some were really good, I would like to hear them again. The surprise was the meeting of the original cast of ‘Rock Of Ages’, they performed ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with the entire crowd singing and shouting the lyrics with them. It was awesome.

Lord Of Dance WELLord Of Dance Girls WELThe last performance of the day was ‘Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Game’. It was such a beautiful dancing, a great way to end West End LIVE 2015. I feel nostalgic already, I miss it so much, because I enjoyed it a lot. I want to keep it in my memory forever, because it was a special weekend, full of emotions and musical theatre. I’ll be back, I promise that I won’t miss this event because as a musical theatre fan, it’s such a wonderful experience.

Thank you West End LIVE, see you next year!

Thank you West End LIVE, see you next year!




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