Proud of musicals

Picture by Wicked on Twitter

Picture by Wicked on Twitter

Last week we celebrated Pride. It was a huge party of respect and love. Unfortunately, most of the people see LGBTI Pride as a crazy party, where lot of extravagant people go free on the street, drinking and dancing. Last week, I couldn’t walk through Trafalgar Square and Soho streets. Lot of people were enjoying all the events. But everything was joyful, the weather was good and everybody was happy. Also, the day before, the US Supreme Court legalized the same-sex marriage in the United States, becoming one of the most populous countries in the world to make that decision. So, it was a good day to have fun.

Pride is a celebration of love and respect, is a claim of equality and diversity. Society must understand that there isn’t a male or a female behaviour; everybody is free to act and be different, as the way it feels. Everybody is right to be different and we accept that. On the 28th June we celebrate lots of feelings and emotions that makes us a better society.

I’m going to tell you a bit of my story related to Pride and Musicals, of course, this is a blog about musicals, come on. I’ve never been bullied for being gay, most of the people I know accept me and love me the way I am. But it’s true that we live in a world full of different opinions, ideas and stereotypes. Without elaborating, in my life I’ve been called ‘faggot’ many times and I can’t understand why being homosexual is wrong, is used to insult. Even when I didn’t consider myself homosexual yet, it was painful. Since I was a kid I had manners that made the people think that I would be gay, but I didn’t know at the moment, but I felt it. It was kind of frustrating to think that everybody believes that you are gay but you don’t feel that way, you don’t feel anything at all, you just feel weird and can’t explain what’s going on.

Accept yourself and love yourself is not easy, takes time and there are some things missing all the time. In my case I fully accepted my sexuality when I met Daniel, I thought it was the time to come out with my family and friends. I consider that, first of all, I’m a person, I’m a human, and then I have a private life and it’s not important if I share it with a boy or a girl. So I try not to make my sexuality my presentation letter, I want to people know me for other reasons than that. Of course, I’m not going to hide it, I don’t have to in 2015, no one is going to punish me for that, but I want the people know me for my personality and hobbies, not my sexuality. But it’s great to be in a relationship because it helps you to discover yourself and learn day by day the wonderful meaning of sharing love.

To accept yourself also means to love the way you are, to be proud of your hobbies and the things you like. In my case, I love books, writing, cinema and musical theatre, of course, as you know already. In the case of musical theatre, I think that is quite stereotyped, some people think that it’s for gays (even when Neil Patrick Harris sings in 2011’s Tony Awards Opening ‘Is not just for gays anymore!’). It’s true that if you go to the theatre, most in the audience are gays, but that’s not bad, it’s a healthy hobby and everybody can love a good show, it doesn’t matter the sexuality.

The problem is to put a label on the persons, to classify the things according to a straight point of view (this is straight, this is not, this is normal, this is freak…). That’s wrong, because everyone is free to enjoy the things they like. Musical theatre moves me a lot, make me feel lots of emotions and I wish that lot of people could feel those things like me. So I feel proud of the musicals I like, of the songs that I usually listen, from different soundtracks of shows and movies that I’ve seen, and I’m tired of feeling embarrassed and lie, because the rest of the people don’t have to.

I remember one day listening to ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ from the musical ‘Hairspray’ at work and a workmate told me: “what’s that shit you are listening to?”. And I felt a bit embarrassed, because it was Edna and it’s like a kind of funny voice but also very weird if you don’t know what’s all about. But then I was listening to the song carefully and understood what she is singing about. She says: “You can’t stop my happiness because I like the way I am”. And I realised that she is absolutely right, that I should be happy with the way I am too, the things I like. Who is this guy to judge me like that? Edna is such a wonderful and unforgettable character and every time I listen to ‘Hairspray’ soundtrack I feel the entire story, all the characters, their fight for equality. And it’s something inside me, very related to my life, so I shouldn’t feel embarrassed for that, and for any of the musicals and shows that I like.

Be happy yourself, with your hobbies, with your attitude in life, with your ideas, with your personality, with your body, with the people you love. And don’t listen the rest; don’t care about their opinion, only if they encourage you to be yourself. Of course it’s easy to say and it’s difficult to put into practice, but to be natural, to accept yourself is the way to create a better society. I’ll see you in the theatre!



2 pensamientos en “Proud of musicals

  1. Chow Kim Wan

    Whatever the case is, just know that the Broadway and West End communities will always be there to support you! And, I think the crazy party is a little overboard lol.

    Check out Fun Home, the new Tony-winning musical which has a pretty story of a lesbian girl which a gay father. It shows that our society is becoming more receptive towards this community (at least the NYC people; hopefully everywhere is the same).

    Me gusta

  2. cesarmp90 Autor de la entrada

    Thanks for your comment! Yes!! I know Fun Home, I love ‘Ring Of Keys’ so much! I hope it’s a success in Broadway so it will come to London someday soon. Happily I’ve never been bullied and never had problems for being gay! But I understand that many people in the world aren’t that lucky, so we must fight for their rights too.

    Le gusta a 1 persona



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