The plot of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Picture by Insomnia Cured Here on Flickr

Picture by Insomnia Cured Here on Flickr

The Wizard of Oz’ is a wonderful movie inspired in a book by L. Frank Baum. Everything starts in Kansas, with a young Dorothy who has a dog, Toto. The dog tries to bite Miss Almira Gulch and she tries to kill him with the sheriff authorisation. Dorothy asks for help to her family but all of them are busy so they can’t help her, so she decides to run away. She finds Professor Marvel who tells her that her aunt is ill because she realised that she is gone. She decides to go back home but a huge tornado develops. She arrives home and she doesn’t find anybody there, then the house starts to spin in the air and falls somewhere.

Picture by Patrick Emerson on Flickr

Picture by Patrick Emerson on Flickr

She arrives at the Land of Oz, in Munchkinland. Everybody, and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, are very happy and celebrating that the Wicked Witch of the East is dead. Dorothy’s house just crushed her and she gets her red shoes. The Wicked Witch of the West arrives and she is very upset because of the death of her sister. Glinda suggest Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to get to Emerald City to meet the Wizard, who will help her to go back home for sure.

Following the yellow brick road, Dorothy meets some wonderful and charismatic characters. The first one is the Scarecrow, who decides to follow her on her journey because he wants to ask the Wizard a brain. Then, they meet the Tin Man, who would like to have a heart. Also a Lion, who wants to ask some courage to the Wizard. After many troubles, like finding the Witch on the way, they finally get to Emerald City and meet the Wizard. He decides to make their wishes true but only if they kill the Witch.

Dorothy is really scared because she doesn’t want to kill anybody. The Witch sends the flying monkeys to take her and Toto and kidnap them in her castle. Toto escapes and bring her friends to rescue her. They get inside the castle dressed as the guard. The Witch tries to burn the Scarecrow so Dorothy trhows a bucket of water to her and she melts and dies.

They go back to meet the Wizard again, who is surprised that the Witch is finally dead. But he admits that he can’t fulfil their wishes, because he is not really a wizard. He brings the Scarecrow a diploma, a medal to the Lion and a heart-shaped watch to the Tin Man. The Wizard decides to bring Dorothy back to Kansas on her balloon, but Toto run chasing a cat, so he leaves without her. Glinda suggest to tap her heels three times and repeat ‘There’s no place like home’.

She is back in Kansas. She wakes up in her bed with all her family and friends taking care of her.

Wizard of Oz



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