Madalena was stunning at St. James Theatre

Madalena Alberto performed on 25th July at St. James Theatre

Madalena Alberto performed on 25th July at St. James Theatre

This post is a kind of a review but also a story about beautiful coincidences, connections, musicals and love. Yesterday night I had the privilege to see Madalena Alberto live in concert at the St. James Theatre. It was such a wonderful night, set with great songs, amazing guests, fantastic musical direction and the extraordinary voice of Madalena.

The concert was prepared in two acts. The first one included more songs from musicals such ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, ‘On My Own’ and a medley from ‘Evita’. The second act, after the break, she delighted us with some of her own songs. She proved the whole audience that she is a complete artist, she has an amazing voice but also knows how to write music and play acoustic guitar.

Madalena Alberto is an artist from Portugal. She has developed her career in United Kingdom performing in several musicals like the 25th Anniversary Production of ‘Les Misérables’ playing Fantine in 2009, but also she has been in ‘PIAF’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Zorro, the Musical’, ‘Fame’ and the last production of ‘Evita’, starring Eva Perón.

She has an amazing range of voice. Is nothing you can feel on videos, you need to see it live. She is very passionate, I was very close to the stage and I could feel all her emotions while she was singing, she sings from her heart and her voice is so touching and moving. It was a unique experience that I hope I can repeat someday. I loved to see her enjoying the lyrics and the music, carrying away with the emotions and giving all her best to the audience. I’m willing to see her performing in another musical someday too.

The concert was great and also funny. Madalena is a very talkative woman; she was always making some jokes and explaining a lot of anecdotes. She introduced most of the songs with an explanation of why is important to her in her life and career.

Picture by Daniel while he was watching it on Streaming. Sorry for the quality!

Picture by Daniel while he was watching it on Streaming. Sorry for the quality!

Madalena performed all alone, with Alfonso Casado playing the piano, most of the songs. But she was joined but some great guests such as Simon Bailey, Celi O’Connor, Sophie Evans, Jade Anouka and Sam Cassidy. And a band formed by Zivorad Nikolic (accordion), Ed Parry (saxophone) and Aram Zarikian (percussion). I’m sure that all the audience spend a great night, overwhelmed with so much talent on that stage, enjoying good songs and voices.

Last October I went to see ‘Evita’ at the Dominion Theatre. I was so excited because I finally could see this famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber live. There, I discovered Madalena Alberto for the first time. I was so impressed, so in love with her voice that I started to follow her on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated about her performances and shows.

Madalena Signature

The album ‘Don’t Cry For Me’ was signed in Barcelona in March 2015

She suddenly announced that she was about to perform in Barcelona. Sadly I missed it, because I’m not living in Barcelona for now, but my boyfriend does, so he went to see her (because I told him: “you’ll love her, she is the kind of singer you like, don’t you dare miss it!”). I was lucky that I could see it on streaming from my home in London. I wrote a comment saying that I was willing to be there, because my boyfriend was on the crowd and they read it. So Madalena made a few jokes about it, asking who was that boyfriend on the audience. It’s an insignificant anecdote, but very special and important for us. There were lots of comments, why did they choose mine? It’s an experience that we won’t forget.

Madalena announced a few months later that she was preparing a concert in London. I decided that this time I wouldn’t miss it. The whole performance was extraordinary, as I expected. After discovering her on ‘Evita’, I realised how talented is this woman. She dances, performs, sings and writes. Is there anything she can’t do? At the end I finally met her and I explained my story again and I was so surprised that she remembered! She meets lots of people, how is it possible that she remembers us? We took a picture and she signed a CD for us. She is very nice and kind, she really looks after people and fans.

Madalena CD

The EP ‘Heart Condition’ was signed in London in July 2015

I’m very glad to finally have seen Madalena Alberto in concert, to discover all the songs related to her career, to enjoy her voice live and, of course, to meet her. I recommend you to discover her too, to listen her songs, to love her voice and meet her if you can too in any of her concerts.

Also, in case you are reading this, thank you very much Madalena for giving Daniel and me some hope, inspiration and a wonderful experience that we won’t forget. We promise that we will follow you and admire all your success and songs. And, of course, the next concert we will come together and we’ll take a picture all 3. Love you lots!

Cesar & Madalena Alberto



2 pensamientos en “Madalena was stunning at St. James Theatre

  1. Chow Kim Wan

    Needless to say, she sang DCFMA? I knew her from the 2010 Cast album of Les Miz. Not the concert one, the one with John Owen-Jones and Earl Carpenter. I listened to it mainly for those two guys, but Madalena Alberto caught my attention with her I Dreamed a Dream! It was stellar amidst the trashy orchestrations of the song.

    Me gusta



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