‘Over The Rainbow’

Picture by Insomnia Cured Here on Flickr

Picture by Insomnia Cured Here on Flickr


Over The Rainbow’ is, probably, the most popular song in the movie. There are some more that are famous too, but I think that the Judy Garland’s solo is more than famous, is an icon. But it was about to be removed from the final footage. The producers weren’t sure if the movie was too long, some of them even thought that it was boring. But at the end, for common sense, thanks God, they kept it.

According to the creators of the music, Herbert Stothart and Harold Arlen, to create ‘Over The Rainbow’ they were inspired in the Kansas in black and white. Dorothy is a vulnerable and innocent girl that everybody can feel related too. She is living in Kansas, without colours at all; the only ones that she can see are from the Rainbow. So she dreams in a place where is full of colours. She sings with lot of heart and passion, the audience is moved by her performance.

The song expresses a lot of things, such as melancholy that can be understood by everybody. To be honest, I feel different things depending on my mood. That’s what makes the song a classic, an adorable hit that can move everybody. After the success of the film, Judy Garland performed it in all her concerts. People loved it and wanted to hear it again and again.

In 1939, in the United States, ‘Over The Rainbow’ had a different interpretation. It was hard times, with the II World War. So this song inspired for many people the sense of unity, prosperity and harmony in a new world to build. The entire film is about all this, because Oz is a happy land, full of joy, like the American dream tries to be.

Keep enjoying ‘Over The Rainbow’, from grandparents to kids. A great song, moving that inspires everybody of any age.



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