Covers of ‘Over The Rainbow’

Picture by George Oates on Flickr

Picture by George Oates on Flickr


Over The Rainbow’ is a great song that can inspire so many people all over the world. It’s a classic, the lyrics are beautiful and the melody is catchy. That’s why the song has been covered by lots of people. If you have a look on Youtube, sure you can find lots of it. For me, Judy Garland’s performance is unique and very special. She was really young and she was feeling the lyrics by heart, she was doing all her best. But all the singers and musicians do and you can like their arrangements and voice too. Here I’ll share with you a few covers that I like.

1) Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

He was a singer from Hawaii. He became famous outside his country in 1993 after releasing his album ‘Facing Future’. This album included a cover of ‘Over The Rainbow’, which is really popular too. It’s played with his ukelele with some jazz and reggae style. His voice is soft, quite, and makes you relax. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1997, but sure he will be remembered too for this cover.


2) Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz singer. She was popular for her tone and the impeccable diction. I like this cover because it’s the most similar to the original one, in the film. With some jazz style, the singer can sing the tune without any problem. It’s a beautiful cover, maybe not too popular but great because it keeps the essence of the score with some jazz arrangements.


3) Train Passengers

It’s amazing to see this things happen. I don’t know where this happened (probably Australia?), but this video it’s an expression of love and humanity. Is really hard to get the train to go to work every morning, but imagine what happened if a group of people start to sing ‘Over The Rainbow’. The day would start so much better, in a good mood for sure. It was organised by a group of people who are looking for human connection. I think that it’s an amazing and beautiful project, so I wanted to share this experiment with you.


4) The Piano Guys

This is one of my favourite covers. I really like when the artists produce a cover with lot of personality and style, like this one. The song sounds so great and modern that it’s hard to believe that it was composed 76 years ago. The video is fantastic. This band has been created in Youtube and has been getting popular since 2010. I love this cover, released in 2012, so I’ll have a look at some of their videos, because their style is cool.


Do you know any other cover of ‘Over The Rainbow’ that you like? There are lots, I know. It’s a typical song to perform in a talent show too. Is any special that you would like to share? Don’t forget to comment below!



3 pensamientos en “Covers of ‘Over The Rainbow’

  1. Geni

    Really amazing covers of this famous song. But listening to your covers I found some others really incredible like: Eric Clapton’s, Bob Marley’s, Ray Charles’s, Jimi Hendrix’s (isn’t it unbelievable?), Barbara Streisand’s or even Glee’s one

    Two samples:

    Me gusta



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