Dorothy in Wonderland

Picture by Mark Rain on Flickr

Picture by Mark Rain on Flickr

There are many similarities between ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland’. The stories were written and published in different years, but probably L. Frank Baum was inspired in Alice to write the story of Dorothy. This happens a lot in literature, cinema and theatre. But it’s good to have two girls so similar (and also so different) that inspire a lot of children at the same time.

Lewis Carroll published in 1865 his popular book ‘Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland’. The novel became one of the most important books of fantasy for children. It has been adapted so many times, it has inspired lots of authors to create heroines like her. Even a few musicals in film or theatre, like the 1951’s Disney movie or ‘’, that will be seen at the National Theatre of London from November 2015.

A few years later, in 1900, L. Frank Baum published ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and became a success too. Every year, this American author used to publish a book with some more stories from Oz, a land that he created. The story became a musical on Broadway only a year after it was published. And they made a few movies, some were produced by the author. But MGM bought the rights to make a film in 1938 and it was produced as we know today.


Picture by Alan Lee on Flickr

Picture by Alan Lee on Flickr

You can see Alice while watching Dorothy’s adventure. They are two kids who travel to another land by mistake and feel lost, they really want to go back home, but they learn a lot of things in their journey. They are not happy where they live, but leaving home they learn a good lesson. They appreciate what they had before. And that’s something children and even adults can understand and learn too.

In those new lands, Alice and Dorothy find lots of characters and unexpected creatures. They travel to a very colourful and beautiful place with lots of people and fun, but they don’t feel like home. But to be honest, they are not that far, Oz and Wonderland are inspired in real world. For me, it’s more difficult to see it in Wonderland than in Oz, but still, you feel like you are watching ordinary people with a lot of metaphors.

Alice and Dorothy are rebels in a hostile world. They arrive to a new land with a lot of troubles and they change it without knowing it. Alice, for example, must fight against the Queen of Hearts and her dictatorship. But Dorothy must fight against the Wicked Witch and her kingdom of horror. They are young and scared, but they learn to be brave, without choice.

In both books and stories, the authors tried to show kids a lot of lessons with lots of lovely characters. Children can identify them, can love them and understand all the values that they try to express. Dorothy is inspired in Alice, but sure that she inspires lots of people too since 1900 and 1939.




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